How a Young Entrepreneur from Delhi, Agam Singh, is disrupting modern day businesses.


Luxury Cars, Fancy Destinations and Never Ending Success- all at a very young age.

At an age of 16, when teenagers are busy focusing on their high school studies, a sensational teenager from New Delhi did something that is nothing short of inspiration.

Meet Agam Singh.

Agam Singh is an Indian Entrepreneur and investor. He started his journey at the age of sixteen and within four years, he has amassed over 49k followers who look up to his modern lifestyle and humble attitude. He can be followed on Instagram at @agamsingh868.

Agam travels extensively with London, Moscow, Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai and evening Switzerland in his long range of experience.

His highly successful and profitable financial firm transformed his life. His long collection of cars include Lamborghini’s, Hummer, Porsche and even a Rolls Royce- all at an age of Twenty.

Agam is a perfect example of an ambitious youngster who succeeded with his smart selling skills. His motto in life, “Never Fear Failure” wrote his destiny to success.

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