Great Mediation Lawyer – Finding One

More attorneys and more people are realizing the value of mediation rather than skipping straight to litigation as a way to bring resolution to a dispute. After all, litigation tends to be emotionally and financially costly, and it is a complicated and long process. On the other hand, mediation can mean both parties find a resolution without needing to move to litigation at all. A Chicago mediation lawyer should suggest to clients the options to expedite a resolution via mediation.

Case evaluation

When a client approaches them with a dispute the mediation attorney will check whether this is suitable for mediation resolution. They will discuss with the client the type of case it is, the strengths and weakness as well as any concerns or special complex issues. It is very important that the client completely understands that mediation is not the same process as litigation and that the kind of process and results that can happen are not the same either. It is also important that should the client want to take the route of mediation that they have an experienced attorney who has specialized in the mediation process.

Choosing a Chicago Mediation Attorney

When you decide to go down the path of mediation you must accept that this will be a process where the case is settled out of court though in some cases it is with court guidance. They need to trust in the attorney they choose for this process and have confidence in their ability for dispute resolution. Both clients on either side of the dispute must agree to the process and both need mediation lawyers.

Case strategizing

When the first process of analysis and discussion is done, the Chicago mediation lawyer you choose will then work on a strategy for the case using the facts they have from the evaluation. Both sides must agree on the type of medication that is appropriate and on things like what scope the mediation has, logistical arrangements that need to be made, cost-sharing and so on.

Counsel preparation

When a proper case strategy has been developed by the mediation attorney, and all the logistics agreed on, a mediation meeting is scheduled at which both attorneys have evidence and facts prepared to present to the other parties. Before that meeting, the attorney will talk with their client about things like potential liabilities and their legal rights. Your attorney will analyze the opposite side’s position and have a range of settlement prepared that allows the mediation process to move forward.

Decision-makers need to be there for the mediation

At the mediation meeting, the clients on both sides need to be there are they are the final decision-makers. Your Chicago arbitration lawyer cannot force you to accept a settlement if you are completely opposed to it. Essentially one by one you will all address each issue and move on from there. Everyone reaches a mutual consensus so it is a win-win for everyone.

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