”Fitness is more about mental being”


(IANSlife) For Milind Soman, fitness is more about mental well being than physical. “If you are able to make choices that are right for your mind and body, then you wouldn’t have to worry about ”being fit or thin. It will come naturally,” the 54-year-old supermodel-turned-actor who tastefully merges fitness and class tells IANSlife.

While most people tend to lose motivation when it comes to workout and following a fitness regime, Soman, who believes himself as the fittest person, says that keeping himself is his priority and he enjoys being fit.

“I take care of myself to keep feeling good both mentally and physically, it’s a priority for me, I make it happen,” says Soman who recently became the face of Pond’s new skincare range designed for pre and post-workout.

Explaining the need for such products, he said: “There is a science behind this. When we push our body to limits, a lot of us don’t realize that our skin gets affected by our skin temperature rising, sweat, skin pores open up and hence get more susceptible to external aggressors like sun, pollution, dust, etc.”

He added: “I’ ‘m so glad to be associated with a brand like Pond’s that is known for its skincare, and every product is designed by experts and backed by science. For example, something as simple as the face wash from the Pond’s Skin Fit range, (which I got to try in advance) has helped me cool down after a workout but I also know that it’s designed to help get rid of bacteria and impurities. And I see the result on my skin.”

But does he himself use anything pre and post-workout? “Mostly water. It’s a cliché but the right water intake is something I take very seriously,” he replies. “I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and love home-cooked food.”

To motivate people to come out of their sedimentary lifestyle and become fit, Soman presents himself as an example. He quips: “If I can do it, they can too.”

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