Finding a Great Realtor

Are you looking into investing in Rocklin real estate? Are you looking for a realtor or real estate agent you can trust? Do you know the difference between the two terms and which you should be focusing on?

It is essential when investing in real estate to work with professional and knowledgeable people you can trust after all this takes a large sum of money. Before you start looking whether you need a home for yourself or one as an investment here are some things to think about, and how to go about finding the right one.

Real estate agents versus Realtors

Sometimes people use the terms interchangeably but they are not the same thing. Both, of course, can sell real estate as long as they are licensed to do so. There is a National Association of Realtors that have a logo that members can display and have a code of ethics they must follow.

Realtors must have a high standard of business practice. Real estate agents, on the other hand, are not all a member of the association. About half of them are, so there is another 50% out there who are not being held to those kinds of high standards. Make sure you choose carefully.

Get a referral

A good way to find an experienced agent when looking at homes for sale in Rocklin CA is to get a referral. It is common in the industry that clients who are happy with their real estate agent or Realtor then refer them to friends and clients. If you have a friend, work colleague or such that have recently invested in property and had a great experience ask them who they used.

Check online

There is a lot of information at your fingertips online and a quick search will bring up a list of local agents. However, that does not tell you the quality of the agent, their experience and so on. You can start with this list but you will have some research to still do.

Look for experience

There is a lot of turnover in the profession of real estate agents so there are a lot of new and untested agents. In general, you want to look for experienced agents so do ask them how long they have worked in Rocklin real estate and try to find someone you like with at least a couple of years under their belt.

How much time can they commit?

Another thing to be aware of is that a lot of agents work part-time and have other jobs they work. That means they will not have 100% focus on your investment, and may not always be available to you. Some agents might only have attention for higher price ranges. Spend some time looking for agents who can commit to you. Professional real estate services will keep things clear from the beginning. A quality that’s convenient to stick to.


It is a good idea to interview about three agents that you have narrowed it down to. That gives you a better idea of who they are, their knowledge and experience of homes for sale in Rocklin CA. Check their references and you will end up with someone who can really help you invest in a property or a new home.

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