Event Planning – Why Choose Inflatables


If you are planning some kind of party or event where there will be children and large space outdoors a great and popular addition are inflatable castles, games and water slides. They are so easy to set up, then at the end of the event they are deflated and packed up.

You can choose to rent them, in which case someone will come along to collect them, or you can choose to buy one, a great investment if you have several events to organize in the year, each year. It is easy to find a moon bounce for sale for example if you prefer to invest rather than rent.

Children love these party additions and some are good for adults too! Planning events is hard when you are trying to keep a lot of different people and ages happy. Large inflatables offer hours of fun!

Why opt for an inflatable?

There are a lot of great reasons to have an inflatable of some kind at your event. Here is a break down of them;
• Easy to assemble and deflate so will not take up your time managing them
• Come in a huge array of styles, themes, colors, and designs to suit all people
• An excellent way to become the center of a themed party, get a pirate inflatable ship for a pirate-themed party, a castle for a princess theme, and so on
• Not just for children’s parties, inflatables can be used at any event, for children, and adults
• Fun and exercise all in one

Some things to consider when looking at

How much space do you have for it?

Whether you are looking at moonwalk water slides, an obstacle course, a bouncy castle or something else, you need to make sure you have room for it. Make sure that there is room around it as well, and that there is still space for people to sit or stand, a place for the food to be set out if you want to to, and a space for kids to play apart from the inflatable, as not all can go on it at one time.

Is there a theme to the event?

That can help narrow down what you are looking for, as there is a lot more to inflatables than just the traditional bouncy castle. If it is a Halloween party have a monster-themed inflatable, if there is a specific character then look for a moon bounce for sale or rent that has that image too.

What style best suits the event?

Some are just for bouncing on, but you can also get moonwalk water slides and some that combine different styles. Water slides are an especially popular choice in the summertime!


When looking for a bounce house to buy or rent there are a few things to think about to get the best one for your event or party. If you want adults to be able to join in on the fun, make sure you get something that states it is suitable for both.

If it is not a surprise party get the children involved in the choosing. That becomes one less thing for you to think about and they get the style or look they want!

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