Embracing the ‘Start-Up Culture’


These days lot of debate is going on to choose best between ‘Start-up Culture’ and Corporate Culture. Start-up Culture in terms of critics is a bad choice and according to them it literally means ‘All fun and No work’. First we need to understand what a start-up culture is. Start Up culture is an office environment where there is flat hierarchy, open communications and creativity finds the place in troubleshooting in contrast to corporate culture where there is defined hierarchy and policies. This sounds like pretty cool stuff but there are things we must keep in mind before accepting the ‘Start-up Culture’ else we can end up in exhausting all our funds in making the office spaces cool.

‘Start-up Culture’: Actual Meaning

In order to embrace ‘Start-up Culture’ we must know what exactly is meant by ‘Start-up Culture’. It is not just having a cool and lively environment but the employees should feel the responsibility of “Work hard and Play hard”. ‘Start-up Culture’ tends to have a casual attitude in some respects to enhance employee’s productivity. Many big companies like Google have now accepted this culture by creating a home-like environment at workplace and have even allowed dogs to be brought at the work space. This has enabled employees to give more productivity at their office.

Many start-ups generate a very innovative and energetic vibe and their founders have categorized it all into four basic themes that are as follows:-


All the employees should be passionate to achieve the same common goals and work with full dedication towards it. All of them should have a common connection and have a vision to achieve the desired goals. To build a strong, long-lasting and successful company, it is important to be passionate about the meaning, mission and purpose of working for one’s organization.


Most entrepreneurs believe in creating the environment that typically suits their personality traits. E.g., if someone has a liking for red colour then they would like to have furniture of the same color in their environment as it would add brightness and also brings people together and stimulates conversation. By putting up pictures of teammates hanging out together and enjoying can help in connecting teammates, building more trust and better relationships.


A start-up has to go through frequent transitions and one should be able to take quick moves in life gracefully. No matter how well one plans all the business moves, but there are times when we see drastic things happening around and have to move along them to be successful in the coming times.


Apart from the physical appearance of the office space, business leaders have emphasized a lot on the thought process and mentality of the working employees in the start-up. By creating and maintaining a fresh, lively and energetic environment at the workplace one can keep the employees working enthusiastically and help their business reach great heights. The following points should be kept in mind in maintaining the start-up culture:-

  • Welcome new ideas
  • Choosing leaders carefully
  • Bring in ‘Intrapreneurship’

So, if one wants to create an awesome atmosphere at the workplace and also get amazing outputs from the employees of their start-up organization, then it is better to consider the above mentioned points in mind.

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