Different Types of Inflatables for Maximum Fun


When you are inviting people over for a celebration, maybe a party for a birthday, or maybe it is a big family get together, there is one thing guaranteed to keep all the children happy for the duration, and that is an inflatable of some kind!

They are fun, appeal to everyone, even some adults, and considering the hours of entertainment they offer, whether you choose to rent or look for party jumpers for sale, they are worth the investment.

Children are less likely to bother the adults as they have something to do, it helps burn off their energy, keeps them active and gets then interacting with other children, whether they are close to them or not! There are far more than just the bouncy castle or house nowadays though so here is a look at some options.

Inflatable slides

One of the very popular and entertaining options is the inflatable slide. You can two kinds, dry slides where they climb and slide down as they would a regular slide, and then a wet slide where water is added to the slide section which makes it more slippery, fun and of course, wet. They come in various sizes, styles, themes and so on.

You can also get inflatable slides pool side so that they slide from then down into your pool. These are such a great option if you have a pool and the months are warmer as it keeps them cooled off and everyone can have fun. If the weather is a little cool for wet bodies then a dry one it is.

Inflatable obstacle courses

Fun for children and adults too are the inflatable obstacle courses that you can find. There are party jumpers for sale that come in the form of courses both children and adults can bounce their way through. They can have races, competitions and all sorts of crazy fun.

You can get them in all kinds of styles and sizes so if you have the room for it you could get something detailed and challenging! Just think about what age most users are and what fitness levels they are then choose accordingly.

Inflatable basketball courts

Yes, you read that right, you can get inflatable basketball courts. Imagine the fun the children can have if they are big basketball fans, but they get to do it inflatable style! They can jump higher than they ever could, and not worry about their landing! Often people love to use these to play slam dunk competitions.

The traditional and awesome inflatable castle

There is, of course, the much loved and never forgotten traditional bouncy castle style. It has given children years of entertainment and laughter and still does today. Get styles that suit boys and girls, get smaller ones for toddlers, or large ones for those brave teens. Spark their imagination as they play and bounce!


Whether you opt for inflatable slides pool side, something more traditional or something more sporty, an inflatable at any event is going to give children endless fun. They will entertain each other while your adult guests have their own fun.

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