Desert Safari Activities by Trip Advisor in Dubai


Dubai visitors, as well as local people, can take benefit of the numerous specific activities in Dubai city. These visitor activities include desert safari excursions in Dubai along with sightseeing tours also. Let’s learn about those activities that produce for the perfect Arabian adventure.  Two types of snow skiing are among the famous visitor activities in Dubai. The first is part of Skiing Dubai and the other is part of Dubai’s natural splendour that is its deserts. Sliding down on the sands is recognized as sand snow skiing popularly. This activity will be a lot of fun and you will try various tricks after watching the expert’s ski however you like.  The private night safari was the highpoint of our Dubai holiday. Picked up in our hotel, with extra blankets to keep us warm and guided by kind and knowledgeable Johan we saw the beauty of the desert safari uae, its many tracks in the sand, gazelle, beetles and a rare sighting of the small desert owl. After a wonderful dinner, the softly spoken astronomer opened our eyes to the night sky and the billions of stars. Although there is light pollution the telescope allowed us to look deep into the Milky Way. If you look for dune bashing or belly dancers this isn’t for you, but if you want a glimpse of the vastness of the desert and the endlessness of the starry worlds, this is for you.

Apart from camel desert safaris in Dubai, quad bikes are the different way to explore the waving terrains of the deserts in Dubai. Most Dubai Safari Desert tour companies will allow you to experience this activity in the morning or in the evening. You can explore the beautiful yet mysterious desert at on own pace on quad bikes in Dubai and make this activity unforgettable. Desert safari Dubai deals are mostly elaborate. This safari includes among the better desert activities including those mentioned previously and ends with camping in the desert. The camp is the best benefit of the safari tour in Dubai especially for individuals who live to consume. In this night desert camp, you will be offered hot and juicy barbecued chicken breast, lamb, turkey or meat (usually area of the menu). As though your food wasn’t special enough, you’ll be remaining entertained by special fire dance completely, belly tanoura and dance performances throughout your night desert tour in Dubai, checkout Lonely Planet for more details

My children and I did so the first morning hours desert tour showcasing the lifespan of the Bedouin people. Our tour guide Mohammed Atif was amazing. He was patient around; we were a mixed band of 9 people age group 6 to 68yrs. Mohammed was funny and mindful of the small children and incredibly accommodating and helpful with the oldies. We got to learn a little of Bedouin culture and experienced desert life with camel falcon and rides show. The tour goes much beyond your ordinary in terms of giving historical context. All in all, it was a magical start to our trip to Dubai and even more special celebrating Christmas in the desert. There are not enough stars to award this tour and a huge appreciation to Mohammed, the biggest star of the day. 

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