Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Special Day


Flowers are a great way to celebrate a big day like a wedding. They add elegance if that is the kind of feel and effect you want to see, they certainly add beauty and fragrance! They are a perfect touch to make the day memorable for everyone.

Enhancing the bride’s own beauty and adding charm to any location. Wedding flowers should also reflect and compliment the groom too and when you choose the right florist, NJ or where you are, they will. Here are some popular wedding flower options.

The favorite rose

One of the most iconic and common flowers used at weddings is the rose. There are several types of rose so you can get them in different shapes, and every season has a rose blooming so you can have them whatever time of year the big day is. However, the peak time is Spring to early Summer.

A florist Toms River, will have a lot of experience working with roses with the most common colors being yellow, red, white, pink and ivory. They are classic, timeless, elegant and can blend with other flower types very well to make fantastic bouquets and arrangements. You really cannot go wrong with this choice.

Symbolic lilies

Lilies are another elegant option that also has special symbolic meaning that is especially apt meaning honesty, femininity and they add a certain level of sophistication to a wedding day. There is a variety of types lily, Calla lily is one that is commonly used but there are others. You can get them in a lovely range of colors including lemon yellow, ivory, white, yellow-orange and they can both stand on their own or work as part of a combination of different flowers.

Affordable carnations

Carnations are a great option for several reasons. Any florist NJ based or elsewhere will have them, they are available all year round, they come in a variety of colors and they are very affordable. They are attractive too and smell great so will add to the look of the wedding but without breaking the flower budget.

Carnations are often done along with other flowers to bulk out the number of flowers used so it feels more generous and bountiful, but doing so within a budget. They are also loved by florists because they do not wilt as quickly as other flowers.

What to think about when choosing

There is a lot to think about when choosing flowers for the wedding. Different ones might go in the bridal bouquet compared to say the church or the table arrangements. If you are unsure what theme to have, be guided by your location, and the season you are in. Start with the must-haves like the bouquet for the bride and then move on from there.


Your florist, Toms River, or local to you should have experience in handling large orders like wedding flowers. Let them help you make your choices and do not be afraid to tell them there is a budget you need to stick to if that is the case.

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