Be Sure to Use a Qualified and Licensed Gas Plumber


Many people use natural gas in the home, to heat water, to heat the home, to cook with. To have appliances installed and systems maintained and repaired it is necessary to hire a licensed gas plumber. But not all plumbers have the qualifications to handle issues to do with gas. It is important then to find the best local Bayside plumbers who are professional, reliable, licensed and qualified to do so. This is because there is a real issue with safety and you need to be sure that the plumbers you bring in ensure your home and the people that live in it are safe. It then means you can get and provide a gas compliance certificate.

When you might need a gas plumber

There are a lot of occasions where you might require a skilled gas plumber. They might include;

  • You do not have hot water, or it is not reaching the heat it once did
  • Funny noises are coming from your water heater or radiators
  • You want to move from an electric cooker to a gas cooker
  • You are having a HVAC system installed
  • You have not had the system maintained in a while so a check is due
  • You want a gas line to a grill outdoors
  • You want to install a gas fireplace or have them checked
  • You are having a water heater installed 
  • The gaslight or gas burners are low, dirty or not there at all, could indicate that there is a gas leak
  • If you can smell rotten eggs 

It is always a good idea that homeowners take a look at the connections, the water heater and such so they know what it should look like when everything is working well. That way you can have a look at it and if something is out of place to call local Bayside plumbers in to check it out. As part of that keep an eye on things outside your home too. If you have dead spots in your garden or close to your home that could indicate the gas line needs examining.

Hiring people with the right credentials

Millions of people rely on natural gas and so when something goes wrong it is important to act quickly to bring in professionals for safety reasons as well as just practical ones. This is not the time to consider DIY methods or to bring in a local handyman. Some individuals train, get licensed and are experienced in working on gas lines, cost of a new boiler, heaters and cookers and so on. Having anyone else work on them is dangerous, if not right away, there is always a risk of consequence later on.

Finding qualified plumbers who can handle working with gas is fairly easy to do. Just search online, talk to your neighbours, or contact the local city office. With a list of potential local plumbers, you can look at their websites at the kind of work they offer. You can verify they are licensed, trained to handle your gas needs and check how long they have been around. Always verify the certification and licenses they show you before you hire anyone to do a job.

Making sure you get a gas compliance certificate 

When you talk to people about needing local Bayside plumbers, they may think at first just of the type that deals with water pipes in either residential or commercial settings. But there is a lot more to plumbing and some plumbers choose to specialise in different areas. Once you have found gas plumbers who have the license and training to undertake the work you need you should then have an inspection to get a gas compliance certificate.

A gas compliance certificate is something you need if you are going to connect to the gas network in your area. It is compulsory to have one which is why it is important to have your gas work completed by qualified and licensed professionals so that you know the work is in compliance and meets all the requirements in your state. Every state has regulations and standards that have to be met. 

A professional tests work done and then will provide a gas compliance certificate when it passes. This person will check all aspects of your gas work for any defects or concerns. Then after the first safety checks, they will come back after about 5 business days and re-check again. They provide a gas compliance certificate after you pass that second round of testing.

Why do you need a gas compliance certificate?

When you have a trained and licensed professional check everything you are better ensuring everything is safe and that should something go wrong with an installation sometime in the future, there is someone who will be there to take care of repairs. It is a very good idea to have your gas appliances and system checked on a fairly regular basis, about every three years or so. Having regular testing and maintenance saves you money in larger repairs and lessens the stress those large repairs bring with them! Finding professionals that can provide a gas compliance certificate in your local area then is a good idea.


There are some highly professional and well trained local Bayside plumbers. Spend some time doing your homework so you can find people who know what they are doing and are licensed to do it! Be sure to check the credentials of anyone you hire, verify licenses are up to date and genuine and check into their certification. Always look into references given. Your safety and the work you have done is far more likely to reach the highest of standards when you spend some time considering your options.

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