8 Ways To Get Faster Results In The Gym

Exercise is nothing but imitating your natural movements with some added resistance and volume. This added resistance would be the weights you lift. Performing the exercises would help you be efficient, build lean muscle, lower body fat and get stronger. But you might have noticed that these outcomes of exercise vary from person to person. There are many reasons behind this and one of the key reasons is that they are not following the most appropriate ways to get faster results.

There are hundreds of ways you can plan your workouts. Here we are explaining eight of these which will help you in getting faster results in the gym, making use of professional equipment from weights to gym flooring.

8 Ways To Get Faster Results In The Gym

Use of compound exercises

Compound exercises generate better and faster results than isolated exercise. The biomechanical principles of human body are followed closely in compound exercises. Here we train multiple muscles at the same time that makes it safer to execute. Compared to isolated exercises the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is higher in compound exercises resulting in better metabolism. 


In order to get faster results, you must be working out with optimum weights. The more precisely the resistance or the weight for a particular exercise is determined and increased, the better the results. Don’t choose your exercise weights randomly. Optimise it through experiments, with help of a trainer and keep revising it every six to twelve weeks.

Delimit the endpoints

Other than you AMRAP sets or drop sets, the endpoints of your exercises should be delimited. If you wish to get faster results, you should never hit the gym without a plan. You should have your exercises, number of sets, number of reps in each set properly planned before starting a session, and it must be strictly followed.

Go unilateral

If you keep all other parameters constant, then exercising only one limb at a time produces superior results than training both limbs at a time. So, incorporate alternate bicep curls, one legged squats and similar exercises in you plan to get faster results.

Increase workout density 

How much workout you put in within given amount of time is your workout density. Doing 10 sets of 10 reps of bicep curls with 15Kg dumbbells in 20 minutes is high density than doing the same in 30 minutes. In order to increase your workout density, you should start with timing your workouts on every session. And try to beat that time on next session.

Increase workout frequency and optimise recovery

The more you workout the faster will be the results, but at the same time you must provide the muscles sufficient time to recover. Any muscle group needs 48 hours to recover fully from a workout without loss of muscle strength. More recovery time than this would be waste of time and lower recovery periods lead to injuries.

To achieve the highest possible workout frequency allowing optimum time to recover you can opt for upper lower split workout plan which is an advanced level program developed by Dr Workout. In this type workouts, you divide your muscles in only two groups that is upper body muscles and lower body muscles. And you train one group in one session and the other in next session on the next day. With upper lower split workout plan you can train all muscle groups twice a week with having an extra day for cardio while allowing sufficient time for recovery.

Add drop sets ad AMRAP set to your workout

After you are done with predetermined number of sets, finishing required number of reps for that set, do some additional sets of same exercise by dropping the weight by about 10-20%. Then do another set by dropping another 20% weight. Continue doing this until you are unable lift any weight. These are called drop sets. 

If it is not feasible to add the drop sets then you can include an AMRAP set as the last set of your workout. Performing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) would push your limit to the max ensuring better results.

Utilise HIIT and cardio

Alternating between short intervals of high intensity training and low intensity training is HIIT. This trains your body to recover quickly and stand higher amount of stress. With HIIT you can put in more work in small amount of time. Inclusion of HIIT and cardio with your weight training program would help you improve the oxygen flow and burn the excess fat and in turn accelerate the results.

Your enthusiasm to hit the gym would drop a million-fold if don’t feel like you are getting the desired results for the efforts you are putting in. if you workout with the ways mentioned in this article you will see the noticeable results faster and that would help you keep your spirits up and keep getting better every day.

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