3 Reasons to Fire Your SEO Agency

The SEO world has a deep, dark secret. I hate to burst your bubble, but there is nothing like an expert on search engine optimization (SEO). There is no magic wand or pixie dust that will magically make the website climb to Google’s #1 ranking. There is no guarantee and no permanent residence is built on top of your competitors.

However, don’t lose hope! There are many great SEO consultants out there who don’t just spend every waking hour becoming Yahoo!, Bing, and Google’s best of the best, but also truly believe that they are successful only when their customers are successful online

But to succeed in this chaotic period of algorithm shifts in the search engine and creativity in content, you need an SEO company that does things right. You need to shoot them on the spot if your SEO agency is a failure. No more money wasted. No more risky practices. 

So, in this post, I am going to discuss the reasons when you should fire your SEO agency.

1. The Good SEO Company explains the process: 

The world of SEO is competitive, but that doesn’t mean that the SEO Company should not share their operations. When they are typically secretive, it means that they are using black-hat tactics that are going to harm your business in thelong run.

You don’t want an agency that will get results that will bite you. Spammy techniques may work at first, but for long-term success, you need a transparent SEO consultant to become your partner. The method will be clarified in simple terms by a successful SEO agency that anyone can understand.

If your SEO Company hides behind a lot of jargon and vague systems, save your cash and shoot them.

2. A successful SEO company has a great reporting platform:  

Reports are not just a means of transparency, but also help you decide if an investment in that SEO Company is worth your budget.

Reports should be generated every month and include information not only from your Google Analytics account, but also from a third-party platform that analyzes errors on-site and off-site, link creation, keywords, and competition. To illustrate high-action items, the language should be simple and easy to understand with graphs.

If your SEO Company does not provide you a report or asks you to go to your Google Analytics account to get the information yourself, then your SEO agency needs to be terminated.

3. A strong SEO firm provides strategic advice: 

The days of setting up and forgetting your SEO have gone forever. As the search engines get smarter and algorithm changes impact more websites, you need a strategic partner to guideyou along the way. A really good SEO company goes beyond SEO and provides some level of strategic advice.

Today, SEO covers advertising content social media marketing, maximizing conversion, and human touch. Not only must your target market consider you, but they must know you, like you, and trust you to make customers champions.

You have reason to question their validity if your SEO Company is quiet on these things. Quality SEO companies know when to speak up and comment on issues related to their purview, but not exclusively part of it.


Being a good SEO provider means providing the highest level of service to customers and exceeding expectations. About 80% of all “SEO Experts” are individuals and agencies who think they can make a quick buck by adding such a service to their company. So, do your research and go with your heart when choosing the right SEO service. You should partner with a reputable SEO agency or contractor to put your performance above its own. They should be your strategic partner, not only to increase traffic but also to help you stand out and convert online.

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