You can soon book .new domain courtesy Google


(IANS) Google has announced that people can apply for a .new domain from December 2 that will be secure and served over HTTPS.

The company last year introduced .new shortcuts for its products and now aims to open it for the rest of the world.

Google on Tuesday shared 10 .new domains in its G Suite apps like,, and

Spotify now has which lets users create new playlists quickly.

Medium has got and is a shortcut of eBay sellers.

“With .new, you can help people take action faster. We hope to see .new shortcuts for all the things people frequently do online,” said Google.

Similar to .app, .page, and .dev, .new will be secure because all domains will be served over HTTPS connections.

“Through January 14, 2020, trademark owners can register their trademarked .new domains. Starting December 2, anyone can apply for .new domain during the Limited Registration Period,” the company said in a statement.

Internet currently has over 350 million domain names, led by “.com” and “.net”.

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