Work from home? Are you kidding me…


A year back, the CEO of a PR firm allowed employees to work from home on a regular basis citing that adults shouldn’t be tied to a regime of five days a week. He believed that work can be done from anywhere one wishes to, as long as there is a desire to do it. However, he repents this perception and decision and has called all his employees back to the office after dealing with the repercussions. Actually, his employees took an advantage of not being tied to their workstations each working day. One of them stayed unavailable for hours and one just decided that her vacation was a priority, not the meeting. This attitude came out as a shock for the CEO because all he thought was about the comfort of his employees. He surely didn’t expect so much negligence on the part of employees, who were otherwise productive at the workplace. The end result was that the whole idea was scrapped and the employees were asked to rejoin within 10 months of implementing the idea of permanent work from home online.

Telecommuting is becoming quite popular in the corporate world and a lot of people prefer working from home instead of wasting time in getting ready and braving traffic on a day to day basis. The typical 9 to 5 grind is an option and now you can conveniently work from the comforts of your home. Whether you are engaged in rendering data entry services or are a part of the customer support team, you have the option to either join a full-time job or work from home. However, assessing the negative impact of this trend most businesses have decided to call employees to work each day, at least for a few hours. This move is aimed to build discipline amongst employees and have a better control over processes deployed for rendering services like back office support service.

According to a survey, approximately 77% of commercial organizations do not allow work from home. Working remotely is given as an option only when an employee is not in a physical condition that can allow him to regularly visit the office. There are technologies and chat programs that make telecommuting or working remotely easy, yet implementing them at the workplace is difficult. The reason behind this is that a lot of employees tend to take advantage of this option instead of being more productive. However, in some segments of the business world, work from home is becoming a norm and hopefully, other segments will also meet the same fate with the aid of new age technology for better monitoring.

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