Women in Rising India


by Apoorva Kumar

Through her voice, she has looked within .
Maybe it was a glass of whiskey or a shot of gin.
Her worth shone through it all,
Despite the voices around, she stood tall.

High heels and short skirts,
With life she dangerously flirts.
Her heart doesn’t need fixing,
Her soul doesn’t need to be saved.
She knows her needs from her wants,
Her passion paves her way.

Oversized teeshirts, messy buns,
Who is she really, you reckon?
Outcast, Bold, Fearless and Fierce.
Labels fail to address the force she is to beckon.

Challenging your norms every step of the way,
She took on her mother’s maiden name,
To break the shackles of patriarchal chain.

Shattering each glass ceiling that comes her way,
Not afraid to feel what they say.
No mountain’s high enough,
No ocean’s too deep,
There is strength in each tear that she weeps.

In sisterhood she thrives,
Soaring away from the nay -sayer that pry.
She is in the forefront of it all ,
Out of the shadows, with her name on the wall.

This is her world , she knows it well
Not a notion that you have to dwell.
She knows her worth, this is her game
Pilots, engineers, doctors, CEOs, take the name.

Rising above it all , completely elevated ,
She is someone who doesn’t need to be celebrated.
As, celebrations may come to an end one day.
Womanhood is a boon which in its essence will never succumb to an ongoing trend.

About Apoorva Kumar

Apoorva , a 24 year old engineering graduate is trying to live her bet cliché life in the most non cliché way (How Cliché is that? ).

4 years at VIT University Vellore, where instrumental in providing the clarity of pursuing the ever latent talent of writing and making it a full time career. While the end goal was clear, the path towards it started with a stint at Times of India Hyderabad. Having dappled in the world of reporting for an year with Times and now pursuing content writing with TheCapitalNet , there is a plan towards the end goal now. Apart from writing, Apoorva also feeds this passion by reading voraciously. Phone Addict , social media aficionado and a ardent fluff appreciator , Apoorva pretends embodies a true blue millennial in every sense.

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