When We Think All Is Lost, Hope Lights The Way


It is in between our two breaths that we think of as nothing, rests our life, as if suspended for the glimmer of a moment,

Here abides the secret beyond all secrets.

There are as many life stories as there are heartbeats, and each one is worthy of being shared, and in that outpouring,  the storyteller and the listener both gain an infinite wisdom.

I have been asked many times what inspires me, what stirs me to reach out to people and do the work that I do and the answer lays at the bottom of a deep ocean of tests and trials which led me to eventually walk the path of hope and joy.

My story began very early on in childhood, as I had always been very sensitive, having many allergies, which in itself led me to experience life in a completely different way to others. It was very restricted in so many ways as I always had to watch what I ate and what I did more than others, so growing up was fraught with difficulties.

I couldn’t enjoy what the other children enjoyed, I would hear the laughter and the happiness outside of my window but I could not join in, as at the age of seven I developed severe pneumonia and this was my first journey into my soul. Conventional medicine played its part, five injections per day for a month was no easy feat, yet there had come a point in the recovery where nothing seemed to work.

Frantic with worry, and not knowing what to do my parents took me to my great grandmother, who was a renowned yet very humble healer, this was my first serious encounter with the power of traditional and herbal medicine. I was not able to walk nor talk, as I was very weak, so silence became my friend, yet at this time another world opened up to me, the world of the divine and the mystical.

After one month she achieved what no one else had managed to do and that was to heal me in such a profound way that not only did I recover with her healing methods, but it gave me a yearning to learn what she knew. As I grew older my dream and vision was to bring others to this sanctuary within, this place that I had been taken to, a place where we can find inner peace no matter what difficulties are thrown at us.

Little did I know that my journey towards this dream was to take many drastic twists and turns that and that it would change the course of my life.

The serious illness I had as a child followed me through my teenage years and into early adulthood, as I had to be extremely careful with my lifestyle.

I began to feel that my life on earth had some other meaning and that all we see with these earthly eyes isn’t really what was real. An internal awakening was gradually  happening and it’s effects I could not suppress.

It had become a huge desire to work and share with people another way of living more holistically, that was away from the illusions of the material world. Suffice to say, I had matured far quicker than my friends and therefore I had to take more responsibility about myself because of my health. I believe that we all learn quickly to play the cards that life deals us.

What happened next changed my life in a way I never believed would be possible, where everything came to a dramatic standstill. One might call it destiny or on the other hand some may say a tragedy, whatever label we try to give insurmountable events it’s really irrelevant, as the essence of that what befalls us needs no names even if for the sake of understanding or as a means to cope with what has happened to us.

It was January and the early hours of the morning, I was nineteen years old at the time,I remember being awoken to a huge pressure and I could hardly open my eyes I felt an indescribable pain that engulfed my whole body. As I tried to move I couldn’t lift my arms nor my legs, I was laying in complete darkness, absolutely petrified at what was happening to me, yet I couldn’t even shout nor call out to anyone to help me.

I have to say it was one of the most horrific moments of my life and the memory of it will remain with me forever. After a few hours of total fear and pain my mum came to my room and found me laying there unable to move.

It was the start of a horrendously painful road to healing and self discovery that literally brought me to my knees. I couldn’t walk for a year, as I had experienced nerve damage and was in unimaginable pain twenty four hours per day.

I needed help in every area of my life and it took another year for me to learn to walk again and many months of therapy.

It was at the time, completely  catastrophic for me, my whole life stopped and fell before me but somehow I never gave up and slowly started to follow this inner voice that led me to peace and healing. I was told the effects of this illness would remain and I could only hope to manage it on a daily basis  and that I had to change my life and adapt to this.

 It was the start of a period that was extreme and that I could do was to accept and in this acceptance surrender to a mightier and heavenly power. In this state of total surrender to the divine, I had no choice but to take pain by the hand and to become friends with it.

It has and continues to be, one of my greatest teachers.

To this day it guides me when I overdo things and reminds me when I need to take it easy and rest.

  • It is my barometer of equilibrium.
  • It is by no means an easy friendship but one born out of mutual respect.
  • It is a strong survival method that serves me well after what has happened to me.

I completed college eventually with great determination and against all odds and went on to teach therapies and healing methods around the world. It seemed that the divine had more surprises along the way and a couple of years later I had an anaphylactic shock after eating jelly fish in a restaurant.

After nearly dying, this was another incredulous turning point for me that changed the course of my road yet again. Again I had to change my lifestyle and diet to cope with the new allergies that had developed as a result of this huge shock.

These deeply awakening moments showed me that there is a greater power within us that is more powerful than we could ever imagine. We are the true essence of something so magnificent that our whole life is the discovery of this secret. My faith became my greatest ally throughout these earth shattering times, a real belief and a pure proof that God had taken me by the hand and healed all that was broken in me, in order for me to be a more compassionate being and to share this love with all who I meet.

I discovered the doors to the mystical and more importantly, I discovered myself.

Whatever our beliefs, whatever our  background, whoever we are, it really doesn’t matter, as we are one great family of humanity, and love is the thread that weaves our destines together. We should try and be more kinder and more understanding with all those whom we meet along the way, as we do not know what anyone is going through.

A simple kind gesture can literally change someone’s life.

We are not one are not just one insignificant piece of a jigsaw. We are the whole part of a bigger picture, a bigger reason, a greater plan. That is why we must cry our tears, endure the suffering, touch the joy, take the chance, trust in love,

And then look up to the skies, sing our song and dance our dance and understand that is life, and it only happens once. All we need to do is to take hope by the hand and walk towards a brighter horizon, everything we dream is truly possible with faith in ourselves and allowing  the recognition and respect of our soul.

We live with the constant wisdom that life can change in an instant for any one of us, but what is important it that hope never dies and we are in every breath reminded of that beautiful truth.

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Mimi Novic is one of the bestselling authors of today and is ranked amongst the top names in inspirational, motivational and spiritual books in the world. She is one of today's most respected inspirational wellbeing lifestyle coaches, motivational and self awareness teachers. She is highly regarded internationally in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Working as a complementary medical practitioner, life coach, voiceover artist, author and motivational speaker. Mimi has collaborated with some of the most well-known and knowledgeable therapists, coaches, healers and professionals in their field and bringing together powerful teams that work in synchronicity to bring each client the best possible life enhancing experiences. She teaches and runs workshops and seminars in holistic therapies, come medicine and self-awareness, working around the world in clinics, retreats and on a one to one basis.

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