Tips to follow in order to build smart homes

Turn your house into a smart home with handy smart gadgets that can be controlled via your smartphone.

Technology is always finding new ways to revolutionise the way we live. We can speak to, or even video message, people from all corners of the globe without moving from our home. We no longer have to search through books to find the answer to a burning question; Google can help us out in a matter of seconds. And gone are the days of making scrapbooks to store your favourite photos and memories; everything’s uploaded to social media. And, if you want to make mundane, daily tasks even easier for yourself, turning your house into a smart home is the way to go.

Just about every appliance found in the home can become ‘connected’ – from smart security that protects your property to cleaning gadgets that can autonomously vacuum your house, even when you’re not in. And, while taking advantage of voice recognition and connectable devices might seem overwhelming, leading online digital memory retailer MyMemory believes creating your own smart home doesn’t have to be difficult.

12 gadgets that can easily turn your house into a smart home

1. Smart plugs

Ever left your house and worried that you’ve left the lights or your heating on? Well there’s a solution… A smart plug sits between an electrical outlet and the appliance you’re plugging in and can be controlled remotely meaning that, no matter where you are, you can turn your appliances on or off from your phone or other smart device.

2. Smart security cameras

Keep an eye on your outdoor space and anyone who may visit when you’re out with a smart security camera. You can also record footage of unexpected visitors, sound alarms, speak with anyone delivering a parcel and check in with loved ones, including the family pet.

3. Wifi extender

Boosted your wifi’s signal to extend the coverage area of your network. With a wifi extender, you’re guaranteed to be able to stay connected no matter what room you’re in.

4. Smart light bulbs

Wherever you are, with smart light Bulbs you can adjust the lighting in any room, dimming the brightness and even changing colour ambiance.

5. Smart smoke alarms

A smart smoke alarm can send notifications to your phone should your alarm go off, which is perfect for when you’re not in the building.

6. Media streaming devices

Watch your favourite TV shows or films and listen to your favourite playlists all in the same place with a media streaming device.

7. Smart speakers

Search the web, listen to music, read the news and more, using only your voice and a smart speaker.

8. Smart home hubs

Tying together various devices to allow them to all be controlled from one centralised platform, a smart home hubis at the heart of a smart home network.

9. Smart thermostats

Ensure your home is always the right temperature with a smart Thermostat you can control remotely from either a phone or laptop.

10. Smart coffee machines

Smart coffee makers allow you to control when your favorite cup of coffee is ready, simply through a timer on your smartphone.

11. Smart doorbells

Just like a smart security system, a smart doorbell will notify homeowners via their phone, both when their doorbell is pressed or when it senses a visitor closeby, with its built-in motion sensors.

12. Smart robot vacuums

Get your cleaning done, even when you’re not at home with a robot vacuum cleaner that can clean dirt, dust and debris in your home autonomously. Thanks to intelligent programming, you can spend your time doing something you actually enjoy instead!

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