The funniest things to ask Alexa when you need a good laugh


Let your Amazon Echo ease your boredom with these fun commands.

If you’re only using your Amazon Echo ($60 at Amazon) to turn on the TV or play music, then it’s time to kick it up a notch. While yes, automating your home is one of the best uses for your Echo (other than setting alarms and times), it’s also nice to use it when you want to be entertained. 

Alexa can amuse you with jokes, stories and interesting trivia, and you won’t even have to enable extra skills. Here’s a list of questions you can ask Alexa to beat boredom, and even crack a smile.


For a quick laugh, ask, “Alexa, can you tell me a joke,” or “Alexa, can you tell me a Jimmy Fallon joke?” More specific questions will get you some giggles, too:

  • Alexa, can you tell me a “yo mama” joke?
  • Alexa, I’ve got 99 problems.
  • Alexa, how was your day?
  • Alexa, what is the value of pi?
  • Alexa, is your refrigerator running?  
  • Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?
  • Alexa, do you have any pets?
  • Alexa, are you blue? 
  • Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?
  • Alexa, how much do you weigh?
  • Alexa, can you give me some money?
  • Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya.
  • Alexa, do you know Siri?
  • Alexa, I am your father.
  • Alexa, do you know the muffin man? 
  • Alexa, how old are you?
  • Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Alexa, are we in the Matrix?
  • Alexa, surely you can’t be serious?
  • Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?
  • Alexa, do you like pizza?
  • Alexa, can you sing in autotune? 
  • Alexa, do you love me?  
  • Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up? 
  • Alexa, what’s your favorite color?
  • Alexa, will you marry me?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a Star Wars joke?
  • Alexa, can you rap? 
  • Alexa, who is on first?
  • Alexa, beam me up.


If you find learning more entertaining, try out Alexa’s trivia functions with these questions:

  • Alexa, can you give me a random fact?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a movie fact?
  • Alexa, what are some interesting history facts?
  • Alexa, what are some interesting sports facts?
  • Alexa, what are some facts about the US government?

Entertain the kids

When the kids can’t seem to find anything to do, hit up Alexa with these questions to get them engaged:

  • Alexa, can you entertain me?
  • Alexa, can you meow?
  • Alexa, can you bark?
  • Alexa, can we play an animal game?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a story?  
  • Alexa, who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? 
  • Alexa, do you like green eggs and ham?  
  • Alexa, can you read me a Kindle book? (She’ll read you the last book you downloaded to your account.)

Got any fun questions you’ve asked Alexa? Let us know in the comments.

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