Recipe of Life, according to an Artist


Be insouciant with a smile. Laugh on purpose. Lie in the dark field and watch comets. Look danger in the eye with unwavering mirth. Wink, flirt, kiss and admire romance and beauty in others. Feel the grass, the wind, the sun and the emotions of all.

Laugh at Dream Stealers as you would a puppy attack. Play with them and tumble them with a flick of your toe. Make notes of your good dreams and forget the bad ones. Create images in the clouds, in your own mind and in the minds of others; illusion begins reality. Take bubble bath showers in the warm summer rain or a full moon, sometimes with a friend. Walk the beach.

Remember: it is your imagination that controls the future and you that control your imagination. Believe in magic, especially your own. Play with children and direct their future in the direction they wish to thrive into. Listen to old people then make your own decisions.

Never throw your dreams away for they may save your life some day. Visualize excellence, yours and those you love.

Be always interested in others, as interest and attention are of the greatest value to all beings, based on scarcity alone! If you would pay a compliment to another, pay attention. Being interested is in all ways senior to being interesting. Exchange in abundance, give far more than you get. Give most of all your own personal interest in another, with rapt and penetrating attention in a loving way.

Create new idea fashions and newly realized realities by sharing your dreams with others. Desire Delight with Dignity. Purposely dream wonderful extremes with numerous perceptions. Flesh out your dreams with motion, color, sound, feelings, taste, smells, and more. Tell your stories according to the way you remember them, not necessarily the way they happened. Others have their versions too, but are they any more valuable than yours?

The body and swords will weaken and rust. The pike and mind will dull and bend. The will and spirit may remain most powerful, no matter how dire and overwhelming the adversity. Therefore, retain your integrity, hold your position when you know you are right. Your spiritual well-being supersedes the value of your physical well being. Some wait until they are on the death bed to realize these things! You can realize them now if you want to.

  • Do well.
  • Enjoy
  • Flourish.
  • Prosper.

Help others first and yourself last. It’s like table manners in life!

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