Prolonged monsoon causes mayhem, sets new records


(PTI) The extended southwest monsoon over the Indian subcontinent has not only caused devastation at several places in the country, but has also broken some old records and set new ones.

Precipitation received so far is 10 percent more than the normal, which is highest in the last 25 years, said an India Meteorological Department (IMD) official.

“While the rainfall over India is 10 percent above normal, it has been 32 percent above normal for Maharashtra in the current monsoon season, the official said.

“The southwest monsoon arrived late over the Indian subcontinent this year. At the end of June, the rainfall deficit was of 33 percent. Today, it is 10 percent more than the normal, he said.

The withdrawal of southwest monsoon has been delayed by a month, the official said.

“Normal withdrawal of southwest monsoon begins by September 1 in Rajasthan and other northern parts of India.

This year, the Hikka cyclone has so far brought more showers and southwest monsoon is still here, he said.

In Maharashtra, the monsoon has brought copious rains with its late onslaught.

Solapur district has reported lowest precipitation of rainfall, which is -38 percent, whereas Pune district has received 109 percent rainfall of its normal, said the IMD official.

Mumbai has received 3,669.6 mm rainfall so far this season – the highest in 61 years – as against its normal quota of 2,350 mm.

In 1958, Mumbai had received 3759.7 mm rainfall.

After that, Mumbai has recorded its highest rainfall in the current season, which is still not over, he said.

Mumbai also faced extremely heavy rainfall (which means more than 200 mm rainfall in 24 hours) five times in the entire season.

“This has happened for the first time here in Mumbai, said the official.

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