Need to explore newer tourism avenues: Rajasthan Guv


(IANS) Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra who joined the office around a month back succeeding Kalyan Singh, has said that tourism in this desert state is an economic asset which has a lot of scopes to create employment and hence specialists in this field should be consulted to explore the segment further.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, the veteran politician said, “Rajasthan is a historical and cultural spot. It accommodates all essential products for tourism – be it desert, mountains, lakes, grounds, jungles, etc. That’s the reason tourists of all classes have been visiting this state from all parts of the world. Both the former as well as the existing governments have been working hard to develop tourism here, however, there is scope to explore this segment more.”

There is a need to explore a few more avenues including heritage where there is a lot of scopes. Also, this place is a melting pot of art, craft, and culture and people have been visiting here to explore this as well, Mishra said.

“Hence, we shall sit with specialists to discuss how to market tourism and heritage smartly and how to focus on diverse assets so that there can be more job creation,” he said.

In fact, everyone is well aware of how Rajasthan has been developed smartly over the years by the governments who have also been doing strong marketing of its tourism products, Mishra said further.

Mishra, who has earlier been the MSME minister in the Narendra Modi government said it is one industry that can help meet the challenge of unemployment in the country.

“The start-ups can do wonders in this segment and take a big leap. Rajasthan is a state where many leading industrialists have emerged. People here have the talent and are experts in trade and commerce,” Mishra added.

Speaking on alleged deteriorating law and order situation, he said, “I have full confidence in government’s working. They are taking all steps to curb the crime rate. Also, people should come up and stay aware and agile and figure about the presence of such notorious miscreants around them,” he added.

Being transferred from Himachal Pradesh, when asked how are the two states different, Mishra said, “both the states are blessed by nature; there is serenity in the surroundings and both are considered as dev Bhoomi. But Himachal is Himachal and Rajasthan is Rajasthan and both states have extreme weather, one with extreme cold and the other with extreme hot.”

Mishra made news a few days after joining the gubernatorial position when he made an aerial inspection of the flood-affected regions and announced aid of Rs 50 lakh from Governor’s Relief Fund.

In this candid interview, he said, “holding a constitutional post, I shall never intervene in government’s working and hence would ensure a smooth running of democracy here.”

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