ITBP demands construction of bridges on glacial rivers

(PTI) The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has demanded the construction of bridges on glacial rivers like Lasar Yangti and Darma in Pithoragarh district for the safety and convenience of the border guards and people living in the area.

Citing the strategic importance of the route due to its proximity to the India-China border, ITBP DIG APS Nimbadia said construction of the bridges over the two glacial rivers is necessary as crossing them is fraught with danger for both security personnel and locals.

“The flow of Lasar Yangti river is too high during summer months. There are huge rocks in the river which make it even more difficult and risky for ITBP soldiers and shepherds of villages like Tedang, Marcha and Sipu who have to cross it frequently with their livestock,” he said.

“Lasar Yangti river flows near the border in Dhakar Damolia axis of Darma valley,” he said.

Nimbadia, who recently wrote to the Pithoragarh district administration requesting construction of the two bridges, said the other bridge needs to be constructed on the river Darma that flows 1500 meters west to the last ITBP camp at Daawe on the Indo-China border.

“Due to the high speed of the river in summer months, our personnel has to take a lot of risk in crossing the river,” the ITBP officer said.

The ITBP officer has demanded from the Pithoragarh district administration to construct the bridges for the convenience of the border guards and the safety of people living in the area.

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