How playing YouTube Music Videos contribute to the development of your child?


Children learn best when they are engaged in musical activities. They love songs and can remember words and rhythm. This is the reason why teachers use nursery rhymes and songs to teach toddlers. As a parent, you can extend the learning activities of your child with songs. For this purpose, you do not even have to invest in anything at all. All you need to do is log onto YouTube and search for children’s songs. You will find plenty of results that have children’s song videos in all languages.

Discover the benefits of children song videos for learning

Experts in child education say that music plays an instrumental role in child development. Parents generally sing to babies or play music to calm them down. A study conducted by the Brain and Creativity Institute of the University of Southern California in 2016 revealed that children who listen to music in their childhood accelerate the development of the brain, especially the areas of reading skills and language acquisition. The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation or NAMM in the USA revealed that if children learn to play an instrument, they can improve their learning skills in Maths and even increase their SAT scores.

They add that academic development is not only the benefits of music education for children. The benefits of music extend to their social-emotional conduct, their intellectual development, their overall literacy, and more. Listening to YouTube childrens songs will help your child to improve mind-body function. If you notice children, they love to listen and dance to music. Dancing helps in establishing motor skills in your child and enables them to practice ways of self-expression. Listening to music also helps your child build memory skills, and, most importantly, it brings your child joy and happiness.

Tips for choosing the best music for your child

Experts state that when it comes to choosing children song videos on YouTube the following tips help-

  1. When choosing the children’s song video on YouTube, take the age of your child into account. Your child should be able to understand the song to enjoy it. If you have a very small child at home, you can play song videos with colorful animation. Several song videos are interactive by nature, and you can play them for your child too.
  2. When you are playing music videos for your child, do not plug in headphones in their ears. Children still have developing sense organs, and it is prudent to make them stay away from Bluetooth headsets and wired ones. Play the songs on a large screen like your LED TV so that both you and your child can enjoy the song and spend some quality time together.
  3. If you have an older child at home, you can play educational song videos that help your child to learn and pick up the skills of language and vocabulary.

Therefore, when it comes to playing song videos for your child on YouTube, keep the above three tips in mind. They will help your child to enjoy learning with music and contribute to healthy mental-physical; development with success.

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