How much will UK workers earn from making hot drinks in their lifetime

UK workers will earn an average of over £27,500 in their lifetime from making hot drinks

Kent based company, Tea and Coffee, have conducted a study aiming to figure out just how much UK employees will earn whilst making hot drinks through the course of their working career. Everyone loves a morning brew or an afternoon caffeine boost but do we ever considered just how much it costs to make?

Online retailers, Tea & Coffee, have completed research to reveal just how much employers are paying staff to attend those ‘kitchen meetings’ daily when making a cup of tea at work. A year, Londoners will earn £681.00 of their salary from making tea; according to two cups a day at a mid-strength. By location, this varies;

  • Belfast £510.14
  • Liverpool £486.41
  • Manchester £508.13
  • Glasgow £520.74
  • Lincoln £515.13
  • Southampton £521.91
  • Sheffield £521.32
  • Bristol £513.31

(Annual amount paid within annual salaries to making tea)

Making hot drinks  by region and industry

Employees within the area of City of Westminster earn £5.00 a day from tea making which equates to £25.00 a week, £124.99 a month and £1,264.91 a year. Towards the other end of the spectrum, workers in Great Yarmouth would only look to earn £423.17 a year from tea breaks based on the average salary and time spent making two cups of tea.

In a lifetime, figures by industry reveal that those in the accountancy industry will earn £42,013.91 if they were to make two cups of mid strength tea a day throughout their career. Other lifetime salaries from making hot drinks vary by industry:

  • Video, Film & TV: £21,528.88
  • Lawyer: £24,776.50
  • Architect: £37,295.41
  • Doctor/Medical: £24,010.76
  • Sales: £23,261.09
  • Engineer: £28,537.28
  • Finance: £29,646.10

Which businesses are losing the most staff time to tea breaks?

We can gather that from two mid-strength cups of tea had a day, teachers will be paid £543.47 a year vs accountants, £857.43 a year.

A week, business analysts earn £12.01 from kettle breaks, insurance brokers £9.59 and architects £14.58.

Now, anyone can figure out just how much time they spend away from the desk and stood in their workplace kitchenette trying to make the perfect cuppa, but Tea and Coffee have developed a handy tool enabling you to figure out how much money you earn based on your cuppa frequency and strength along with your location and job role.

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