How Can Travelers Make Money For Their Next Adventure?


When you are on vacation, finding ways to earn money may not be a topic you expect to come up. Whether you have to fill in the gaps after over-spending, need to make money for the next leg of your trip, or simply want to continue to earn a living as you go, there are many ways that you can earn extra cash while traveling.

Make It a “Workcation”

If your current job can be completed online, then earning money while on vacation will only require a computer and a decent Internet connection. Taking your work with you while you are on vacation, a “workation”, may seem like it would be a bit of a damper on the fun of the trip, but it is certainly the surest way to keep earning regular money no matter where you travel.

Ensuring that you have a good Internet connection is just one issue you have to address when working on vacation. Another is making sure that your earnings are easily accessible. Having a secure online account, such as PayPal, is a great option for a traveler, as is having pay directly deposited to a prepaid debit card or your bankcard. In addition to this (your current job), you can opt for a part-time job to do online. Having a specific skill, an internet connection and free time are the only hurdles in its path. Make it clear that a skill plays an vital role here, one may get 3 to 7 hours of work a day while other may get only 1, depending on what type of task he can perform(including other things). I would encourage further reading here regarding this as it cannot be explained in a single article or two.

Work From (Someone Else’s) Home

Housesitting is a popular accommodation option for many travelers, and the arrangement can be very profitable when paired-up with work. Whether you take a job locally, or work online from the comfort of home, housesitting saves money on accommodation and you can save even more by shopping locally and cooking for yourself. Most housesitting gigs require little on your part, just some basic household upkeep and perhaps care for any resident animals.

Bartending and Other Service Jobs

Getting a job during the height of the tourist season can be a daunting task, but service positions are usually easy to find and secure. Hotels, bars and restaurants are always in need of bartenders and waiting-staff, and bars that are connected to hostels are often the best bet for a job. Many of these establishments will pay “cash-in-hand”, too.

Profiting From Your Travels

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money while traveling is to use your travel experiences. Freelance writing and blogging are great ways to earn money, using your experiences traveling as source material. Many travel websites and blogs offer opportunities for writers to submit work, and in some cases, to pick up actually assignments.

Another possibility is selling your travel photos and videos. Stock photo and video sites are always looking for fresh material. You can choose standard still photos of landmarks and cityscapes, or you could get creative by shooting video of events and festivals, and make it available for stock footage by Dreamstime.

Being well-prepared financially for your travels, whether it is a quick getaway or a lengthy break, is the practical choice. Even when you do budget and save enough for your trip, the occasion may occur that you need to earn more money. Taking advantage of money-saving opportunities, working locally and online, and even finding ways to make your travel itself profitable can all put money in your pocket when you’re on your next adventure.

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