All about building a Career in Photography

No guys, this is 2019 and photography is not about taking photos. The world has transformed immensely in the last decade, and the art of capturing the memories has grown immensely.

Photography offers numerous career options for everyone who is interested in developing a third eye for themselves.

Below you can read a short list of different types of photography and what kinds of jobs you can have in each field:

1. Portrait Photographer

From marriage photography to the passport size, portrait photographers are on site with their equipment to capture the moment. They may operate out of their own studios as well as working on location, and if they are self-employed or own their own business, they’ll have a wide variety of other job responsibilities, like billing clients, making appointments, processing images and framing photos. It is the ideal entrepreneur opportunity for people looking for quick bucks.

2. Commercial Photographer

The drones still can’t fly themselves. Commercial photography focuses (pun intended) a range of photography careers that specialize in serving clients market their products or services. Commercial photographers take pictures of everything from buildings to merchandise to company employees, for media such as catalogs, advertisements and websites. Additionally, they may document equipment or projects for company records and reports. This is often one of the more lucrative careers in photography.

3. Scientific Photographer

Scientific photographers document a variety of subjects in order to record experiments, illustrate technical information and bring to life images not normally visible to the eye. They often use special imaging techniques and equipment such as micrography, infrared photography, underwater photography and many more. Usually, scientific photographers work for government agencies, research facilities or universities.

4. Photojournalist/News Photographer

Photojournalists document people and events for newspapers, magazines and other publications. Whether they use only images to tell their stories or whether they also accompany them with words, photojournalists must be skilled storytellers. Press or news photographers usually work for newspapers either on staff or as freelancers, and cover local or national events such as sports, politics or court proceedings.

5. Freelance Photographer

As a freelance photographer you can be your own boss rather than working on staff at a studio, publication or other company. There are opportunities for freelance photography careers in just about any industry, from news photography to event photography to fashion photography. Though it can be challenging to establish yourself in the business, the constant variety of assignments means you’ll never be bored.

If you want to settle down, stay in one place and have a family then maybe starting your own studio would be best for you and doing special events might be good for you. If you want to travel a lot and maybe not settle down anywhere in particular, then maybe the nature photography track would be best, since photography for any type of nature magazine usually requires a lot of travel.

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