A Creative Genius, connect with The Influencer Raja Abhishek Kondamareddy

The very talented designer who holds an expertise in Interior and product design from Hyderabad is Mr. Raja Abhishek Kondamareddy, the ingenious interior architect is just 27 years old and has traveled to different places and developed his keen interests on Design and architecture.

He has completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Interior and Product design from one of the most beautiful cities of the world Florence, Italy. He has lived in Italy for 6 years and developed a unique taste towards Italian style of Design. After graduating in 2017, he has worked for about 2 years with multiple Italian companies gaining first hand experience.
He started his career in Engineering just because a lot of his friends took engineering. After taking up engineering he realized that this is not the place where he is supposed to be as he was least interested to work in a software company in a usual 9 to 5 job.He thought of moving back into his field and pursuing his area of interest which is design and that’s how he decided to fly to Italy.

He is now one of the finest interior and product designers from India who has worked on various projects.
He says the demand for interior design is high in today’s time and that keeps him active and motivated to work hard and experiment with new and unique design styles.

His experiences are a learning lesson for us as he has interacted with people from different parts of the World. He says that you will start loving what you do only if you are passionate about it.

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