YouTube Learning Fund, Things You Need To Know About It


Who doesn’t use YouTube in these present days.

To watch the latest movie trailers.

To know the latest and interesting news and facts in and around the world.

To know the recipes that we need to cook and many at one place.

It is Youtube.

Not only these, but there are also some people who learn a lot of new and innovative things on YouTube than in their college life or in their daily life. Yes it’s a fact and it has to be believed.

For all these people, YouTube has bought a new feature called YouTube Learning Playlist. Where in this category, you can watch the videos without any recommendations that disturb you.

Recently, In New Delhi, Youtube organized the second edition of Educon, Where YouTube has awarded the awards for the 8 YouTube creators known as the YouTube Learning Fund.

These 8 YouTube creators are going to create especially videos for all the people who want to learn something new than in their routine life without any recommendation videos to do not get distracted.

The people on YouTube who wants to use their time by studying are increasing in day by day, This has been recognized by Google and they started encouraging it.

The genuine information is also very important on YouTube, Where we are seeing lot of fake and spam content, Sometimes. “We have quality control. We have content guidelines and policies. There are several different areas that we look at. The policy that we spell out and the announcements around that for one and very detailed guidelines. We rely on algorithms obviously. Those are trained by humans to ensure that that quality is maintained. A big part of this is workshops. Engagement like EduCon and I say the last bit is the community itself. I mean the community is your fact-checkers,” said by Don Anderson, Head of Family and Learning, YouTube APAC

Below are the 8 YouTube channels where YouTube has awarded with YouTube Learning Fund:

  1. ExamFear Education Hindi
  2. Learn Engineering
  3. Don’t Memorise
  4. Study IQ Education
  5. D’art of Science
  6. Learnex – English Lessons Through Hindi
  7. GetSetFlySCIENCE
  8. Let’s Make Engineering Simple. 

Most of these YouTube channels already has millions of subscribers.

These YouTube creators are going to create content on:

English Language training, environmental science, political science, calculus, genetics, and chemistry in English, Hindi, and Tamil.

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