Why millennials are moving towards starting their own business and why they fail?


The millennial vibe is that of change and relevance. Staying at the same spot isn’t our thing! The current generation is, however, not adverse to the stability a business can bring. This might not be your regular business as the selling of products across a counter. The youth in the professional domain today have figured out ways of monetizing their talents. Their idea of a business can be in the market of content, ideas and other services. The movement towards the appreciation of business has already been made. With our uninhibited talented millennial youth on the job there is no sector that is not being ventured. Even though their spirits are invincible there are some common reasons why millennials face trouble in being able to hold successful businesses:

  • The credibility of the product:

With uninhibited modern personalities, people are no longer afraid to try their hand at whatever it is that they find interesting. As positive an attitude it holds to be, it might have its demerits. When it comes to curating a successful business from scratch one needs to consider what will sell. Be it a product, service or idea, what you’re good at might not always be in demand. Your talent for your passion can be unmatchable but if there isn’t a demand for it, it still cannot be an idea conducive for business. The key here is to realize what you can monetize for the masses and is it credible enough to be able to sustain the fluctuating demand and supply graphs.

  • Trap to herd mentality:

Our social media generation might be open-minded in several ways. Despite not being afraid to tread our paths, it is safe to say that we have fallen trap to a different kind of herd mentality. The social media makes everything look perfect and untouchable. This is the approach that many try to adopt to make their businesses look a class apart. However, it turns out that this might not be the best idea. Businesses run on the idea of being relatable. You do not want to put your idea on such a high pedestal that it seems unapproachable. How people can relate to your idea and how it can be relevant to their lives is what is going initiate the sales. Thus, one shouldn’t fall trap to the herd mentality and make their idea truly their own for people to identify and relate with it uniquely. Follow NYKDAILY for more.

  • Marketing and budget management:

A key factor for any business to hold to the tests of the market is how efficiently the resources backing it up are distributed. This can be seen in a number of aspects. The allocation of budget is a key factor to think about right from the conception of the business. One can be tempted to invest in various departments that make your business appear a certain way. Even though there is nothing wrong with defining how you want your business to be perceived but it is important to make practical considerations. The budget needs to be planned out in advance and the blueprint should be in order with what benefits it can yield. Other investments can be made later with the rising profits but the basic requirements must be kept in mind in the initial phases. It is important that no corners are cut in areas that require to be prioritized. Marketing is a key factor when it comes determining the outcome of any business. People will only perceive your brand as you market it. This step can be way more important than it is given credit for. With so much of social pressure, the trend is to make the product or the brand social media relevant. It is important to realize that all marketing parameters need to be considered carefully for the brand to be promptly promoted. You need to make your idea stand out in the flood of hundreds of ideas that can reach people today at the convenience of their phones.

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  • Being patient:

Keeping calm is not millennials attitude. We live in such a fast paced world that we are not used to waiting too long before we can witness the results of anything. Everything happens at the click of a button today. However, a successful business cannot take shape in a jiffy. It takes a lot of planning and patience even to be able to witness minute progress. Thus, it is important to hold onto patience as you maneuver through your business venture.

If you’re a talented millennial/millennials trying to get your business to take off keep these tips at the back of your head. The horizon for your passion to flourish is limitless! You’re sure to find the right light as long as you know where to look.

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