What causes sudden dark circles under eyes?

What causes sudden dark circles under eyes? Dark under eye circles happen to everyone. As you have learned, the capillaries are the blood vessels that connect the arterioles and the venules. These tubes serves as the passageways of the blood.

The capillaries are very tiny. This prominent attribute of the capillaries gives limitation on the blood flow. The obstructed blood flow intensifies the pressure in this vessel. Considering that the blood flow is continuous, the jammed up blood will try to find its way out. This is how the blood copes up with the intense pressure that is steaming in the capillaries.

The blood that leaks will settle under the eye areas. However, the skin under your eyes is thin that the blood fragments are visible. This is the reason why you see sudden dark circles under eyes. Of course, capillaries are not only found under the eye areas but also in other parts of the body.

The body has a defense mechanism that fights off any disorders or anomalies that happen inside the system. The system has its own way of cleaning up blood clots and fragments. Some people who have healthy lifestyle will have no problems with eyebags because their defense mechanism is able to function well.

A poor way of life may harm your health in general. It is also one of the many reasons why your eyebags will not go away. If you have poor eating habits, the tendency is that your defense mechanism will not be strong enough to function properly. Poor nutrition is one of the factors that may have worsen your puffy eyes. Lack of sleep including dehydration is another reason that may cause individuals to have dark circles under eyes. Your skin will look more lucid when you do not get enough sleep, thus the bluish tint becomes more visible.

Some allergies affect your skin. It can also aggravate the condition of your eyebags. Common allergies that worsen your under eye circles are asthma and rhinitis. Some people may also inherit this condition. So basically these are the common causes of sudden dark circles under eyes.

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