This Young Entrepreneur Took the Risks Necessary To Find Massive Success


Multi million dollar revenue generator through high ticket selling. Successful real estate agent in Southwest Florida, and soon to be California. Founder of his own podcast focused on mental well-being. Owner of his own digital marketing agency that grows the digital footprint of his clients. Found success building and scaling Shopify and Amazon business models.  Henry Aaron Westbrooks considers himself an entrepreneur involved in many endeavors, and his actions back this statement. 

Before all of this, Henry was just a kid in upstate New York who had a lot of friends in school and always did good in class. He grew up in a loving family, but never had the wealth to experience the finer things in his childhood. As a result, he found different ways to make money on his own, and he soon became fascinated seeing money accumulate. His roots in entrepreneurship undoubtedly stemmed from his experiences in his childhood, but his journey to where he is today is fascinating. 

After graduating from the University of Buffalo with a BA in communication, Henry spent time working for corporate radio and doing public relations. But, Henry wanted to be in full control of his destiny, and wanted the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. So, Henry decided to make a major change in his life and travel from New York to Florida and become a real estate agent. Still not pleased with his situation in Florida, Henry decided to go cross country to California and sell solar. Through all of this change, Henry was still able to grow a strong personal brand, grow a large social media presence, maintain a good credit score, and stay true to his mission of improving the lives of others. 

Sometimes, risk taking and doubling down on yourself is crucial to find success. For Henry, this meant leaving a steady job and trekking across almost the entire country. But, Westbrooks was still hyper aware of the fact that Rome was not built in a day. Every day, the small wins are what are important. Taking consistent steps forward to eventually hit a long term goal is the process any successful entrepreneur has taken, regardless of what they portray on social media. For Henry, he has begun to see all of his work come to fruition.

His podcast, Health & Wealth Club, features guests from all walks of life sharing their stories, visions, ideas, journeys, and successes. The podcast covers a variety of topics, but above all is a great way for Henry to network and express himself while letting loose from the daily grind of growing his businesses.

His agency, iGrowClub, grows the digital presence of his clients to reach their target audience and scale. After helping to identify their mission statement, Henry takes care of all aspects of marketing for his clients. This enables them to focus on content creation and the day to day processes of running their business.

His experience in solar and real estate has turned him into a master of pitching products, building value, and turning people into repeat customers. His natural gift of persuasion has helped people awaken to their inner greatness. His journey in sales isn’t solely predicated on his own financial gain, as he wants to enlighten people to the fact that they are powerful, limitless, divine beings who each hold their own unique purpose on this planet.

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