The best smartphones of IFA 2019


Gadget geeks and smartphones fanatics are always engaging in debates about technological devices of some sort. This makes sense when you consider that new models come out every few months, so there’s always something to talk about.

ROG Phone 2 Ultimate

JESHOOTS-com / Pixabay

IFA presents a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments in smartphones, mobile phones and gadgets, and below we’re going to share some of the best releases from this year’s event.

For The Gamers: ASUS ROG Phone 2 Ultimate

For gaming enthusiasts, the ASUS ROG Phone 2 Ultimate is your holy grail. Not only does this phone have a sleek, sexy and edgy black matte finish, but it also offers a huge storage capacity of 1 TB. The powerful processor allows you to flourish with all your gaming needs.

The only bummer is that you would probably have to pair it with mounted controllers or add a screen to enhance your gaming experience. If all these extras are too much for your pocket, don’t fret, the device allows a connection to your television set meaning that you can still relatively enjoy your gaming without breaking your back- or your bank!

For Content Creators; Motorola, Nokia, TCL and Sony Smartphones

We live in the age of Insta-stories, Facebook updates and on-the-go tweets where we constantly document our every move. Not only that, but selfies are a form of self-appreciation and self-love now. The following smartphones are ahead of the curve when it comes to camera quality:

The Motorola One Zoom, as the name suggests, has an impressive camera range. This includes 4 cameras and a telephonic zoom lens. Its ultra-wide-angle lens and depth sensor is great for budding photographers, and its perfect for capturing special moments in any lighting. The cherry on top is its 25 MP front-camera, which will elevate your selfies to newer heights.

Nokia isn’t popular for its camera quality, but the new Nokia 7.2 has tongues wagging. The 48MP camera has placed the brand ahead of the curve and it’s a tough act to follow. The Nokia 6.2 which was launched alongside the 7.2 and it’s a great pairing for those who are loyal to the Nokia family. Another notable addition to the Nokia family is the Nokia 800 Tough, this is an ode to durability which is a characteristic associated with the Nokia brand.

The Sony Xperia 5 is a great option if you’re looking to edit and use your images in a way that demands scalability and adaptability in format and quality. The Xperia 5 allows you to change images and videos from standard dynamic range to high dynamic range. This means it’s ideal for content creators who are always about town.

What sucks about this device is that it doesn’t come with Android 10 and you’ll have to spend extra to get it installed onto the device. This will probably disadvantage the brand because consumers are always looking for mobile devices that have everything built-in. Any additional expenses and costs seem like an unnecessary drag and inconvenience.

Imagine all the times you’ve experienced caption worthy moments but you couldn’t capture them because the lighting was not on your side. The TCL Plex solves this problem with a 2MP low light camera, accompanied by a 16MP ultra-wide angle camera that can accommodate any time of day or night. It also features an impressive selfie camera and enough storage to collect and keep memories in your archives for a couple of forevers.

The Folding Phone Wars: ThinQ vs Samsung

Dual-screen cellphones seem like an outdated trend from the 2000s along with flip and slide phones but like many other vintage trends chances are they may make a comeback. The LG G8X ThinQ is for those looking to bring some nostalgia into the modern age, and if foldable phones make a comeback, the ThinQ will most certainly be that comeback kid.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s attempt at re-imagining and redesigning this old trend. With a lot of stretching, stiffening, and reinforcing they’ve managed to amend its previous design to achieve its current form. The accompanying features have all stayed the same. It’s difficult to say whether or not folding phones and dual screens will ever make a comeback but every great idea seemed like a bad idea at some point.

5G Technology Integration: Samsung

Nothing screams 4IR and technologically advancement like 5G technology. That’s because our current climate requires fast, easy and quick software to keep us connected and encourages us to remain engaged. The Samsung Galaxy A90 is the first of its kind with regards to affordability. 5G cellphones are really expensive but Samsung has made this more accessible for the masses. Above and beyond its stellar mid-range connectivity, this device has a powerful and long-lasting battery that will give the energizer bunny a run for its money. Consumers often reminisce about the battery life that cellphones used to have and how they barely last throughout the day lately. Samsung has clearly listened and heard your calls.

Storage for days: Sharp Aquous V

The Sharp Aquous V is a novice when it comes to the smartphones game. However because of its affordable, smart and strategic pricing and a micro SD slot that allows you to add 256GB of additional space it will certainly give the more popular brands a run for their money.

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