The Beauty of Salsa


There is nothing like watching salsadancers. They are so confident, sexy and dynamic. The music makes you want to get out there and dance too. So let’s go. Yes, you! You can do this! Everybody has a little Salsa in their soul.

Like its culinary namesake, the Salsa is spicy and complex in flavor, yet surprisingly easy to create. Salsa can combine elements of several different dances such as the Mambo, the Cha Cha, the Rumba, Jazz and Latin Ballroom, among others. Salsa is a free and expressive dance that is continually evolving as newer and more diverse elements are incorporated into the style. Salsa has become extremely popular all over the world. You can go to a Salsa club just about anywhere you go now. From Sydney to Shanghai, everyone is learning to Salsa.

When you first become drawn to Salsa and begin to think about taking some classes, you may be a little intimidated. Salsa dancers with years of experience can make the most complex footwork and turn patterns look effortless, but that’s not how any of them started. We all start at the beginning, and the beginning is just as fun as the more advanced moves you see in competitions. You don’t have to learn any of the more elaborate moves to feel right at home in a Salsaclub.

In a beginning Salsaclass you and your partner will learn not only some basic steps and other body positions, but how to feel the music and begin to express the music through your body. There is a basic body rhythm and some easy footwork that will become second-nature to you very quickly. Rather than being a little unsure when you go out Salsa dancing, you will be able to go out on the dance floor right away. You will be surprised to see how a few simple movements will make you fit right in at any Salsaclub.

Watch the other people at the Salsa clubs when you go out dancing after you’ve taken a few Salsaclasses. You may be really surprised to see that some of the moves that seemed complex a few weeks ago don’t look quite as difficult that you once thought. That turn that looked so difficult the last time you saw it is just a modified version of the turn you learned in class. It will just take a bit of practice. You and your partner will probably be able to learn some more advanced moves just by having fun at the club.

Once you learn the basics and get more comfortable at the Salsaclub, you can take some advanced classes and learn more elaborate footwork. Then you’ll really be able to show off your dancing skills when you go out with your friends.

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