Spiritual Poli’trics’:


K.Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana who is Popularly known as KCR has been in the news for wrong reasons these days. Mr.Rao graph has been declining since 2019 Parliament Elections where the ruling TRS lost seven Parliament seats to its rivals Congress and BJP. Today KCR is again in the news because of the fresh controversy started when local Telugu NewsPapers made articles on the construction of Yadadri Temple.

Yadagiri temple is situated in Bhongir district of Telangana. The Hindus from various places come to this place to seek blessings of Lord Narasimha Swamy. Soon after taking charge of Chief Minister Kcr made his mind to make Yadadri a most decorated and celebrated Spiritual place. Accordingly Popular Vaishnavite Guru Sri. Chinnajeeyar Swamy is guiding the authorities and officials. The whole project costs around 1800 crores. Recently Mr.Rao told the concerned authorities to complete the construction as soon as possible. He was unhappy with his last visit reported sources.

KCR many times challenged BJP on the Hinduism on various Platformswhich were Political though. Recently Yadadri Pictures were out and it came out shockingly that Kcr images, Telanagana State symbol and other initiatives of Telangana Government were seen carved on the Pillars of the temple. This act has drawn sharp criticism from all Political parties, devotees and spiritual organisations.

What is the reason behind Objection?

The erected symbols have Urdu and English on the pillars which are hurting the sentiments of devotees. Many people feel that there is no need to carve Government logo, its initiatives and Kcr’s Image on the Pillars of the temple. This step of Politicising the temple premises will kill the very essence of Spiritualism. The essence of Bhakti is entirely different from Modern Day Politics. So Politicisation of Yadadri must be prevented at any cost so that it remains free from Pseudo spiritualism.

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