Some Good Techniques for Self-Care


September is National Self-Care Awareness month and what better time to reflect on the habits and techniques that you have in place to take care of yourself on a daily basis.


Advanced Dermatology recently polled 2,000 Americans about self-care and their habits surrounding self-care. They wanted to see the top reasons for daily self-care as well as the most popular routines. Here’s what they found.

9 out of 10 Americans currently practice some form of self-care. On top of that 84% of those people consider self-care to be a necessity rather than simply an indulgence. The practice is also extremely popular among millennials.

Advanced Dermatology found that on average, Americans spend 93 miles every week on self-care and taking care of their bodies. The survey found that men and women are surprisingly enough spending the same amount of time dedicated to self-care each week. However, a majority of Americans (57%) have felt guilty after making time for self-care. That number is higher for women (62%) than for men (47%).

The survey also looked at why people practice self-care. Listed below are the top 7 reasons why Americans practice it:

  1. To reduce stress or anxiety (82%)
  2. To feel more positive (68%)
  3. In order improve mental health (68%)
  4. To improve physical health (58%)
  5. To combat depression (47%)
  6. In order increase motivation (45%)
  7. To increase productivity (36%)


On top of looking at why people practice self-care Advanced Dermatology also looked at the most popular routines for Americans. The full list can be seen below:

  1. Walking (79%)
  2. Seeing or speaking with friends (79%)
  3. Watching TV or movies (69%)
  4. Listening to music (63%)
  5. Hobbies (61%)
  6. Learning a new skill (59%)
  7. Reading (58%)
  8. Getting extra sleep (58%)
  9. Cleaning up diet (56%)
  10. Meditation (55%)
  11. Travel (52%)
  12. Indulging in favorite foods (50%)
  13. Education (50%)
  14. Taking a bath (50%)
  15. Spending time doing outdoor activities (45%)
  16. Skincare or grooming (42%)
  17. Cooking (40%)
  18. Cleaning (38%)
  19. Being romantic with a partner (37%)
  20. Arts (36%)
  21. Shopping (34%)
  22. Video games (33%)
  23. Writing (33%)
  24. Massage (32%)
  25. Strength training (32%)
  26. Running (31%)
  27. Spiritual practice (31%)
  28. Arts or crafts (30%)
  29. Yoga (29%)

One interesting takeaway from the survey is that 70% of respondents said that social media has encouraged them to engage more in self-care. Most people tend to believe that social media and tech addition is doing more harm than good, but this survey shines light on social media having the opposite effect on the average American’s wellbeing. The top self-care practices most influenced by social media includes walking, meditation, getting extra sleep and learning a new skill.

To see more, check out the full self-care study from Advanced Dermatology.


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