Socialise with Tea Party


Nothing retains the luster of childhood more than a tea party. In the social infancy of our youth we set our tables, put out the perfect set of dishes – commonly small and plastic at that innocent time in our life – and invited all our friends; who if not imaginary were stuffed and furry. We took tea in the realm of fantasy where princes and princesses danced the night away at royal balls and fairies appointed the room with their magic dust.

Today’s tea party – while not so grandiose – still offers its own gift of whimsy. The adult version of this elegant ritual includes real china, fragrant tea, delicious sandwiches and pastries, and company of the human kind. Depending on the culture, the tea party takes many forms – a social ceremony, a reverent custom, a romantic offering, or a daily gathering.

Whatever its purpose, the tea get together can be as extravagant or simple, formal or casual as you desire. In any case, guests should always be made to feel special. A carefully chosen tablecloth, beautiful linens, Polyester Napkins, or an heirloom teapot will go a long way towards making your party special.

While many use tea bags to brew their tea, loose tea can augment taste and presentation. The addition of strainers or loose tea balls can really make just having tea into a tea party.

Be sure to offer small tea spoons, sugar, milk, honey, and lemon. Additionally, some tea sandwiches or small pastries will really bring your party to the next level.

A tea party can be an opportunity to stop for a moment and revisit the simple things in life. That which brought us such joy as children can most certainly be recaptured amidst a beautiful table with delightful delicacies.

But no matter what the offerings – or the occasion – a tea party can be a wonderful way to gather with friends and share a unique experience; no matter what your age.

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