Passion over Pressure?


“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams”

– Donovan Bailey

Nowadays, everybody is concerned about what to seek and what not to. Yet we are usually inundated by diverse points of view along with suggestions that we can’t personally take what is most useful for us. We are in a dilemma regarding our choice of occupation. Some yearn to work for a private job, some fancy government while others favor owning a business. I feel choosing a livelihood that makes the heart happy instead of a pressurized one would always benefit an individual. Where do we see ourselves in the next five years? Either we are going to remain the same person daydreaming about something or the person who established the business. It’s important to act rather than speak. Somebody who continues speaking about their dreams rather than acting upon it is still in the same situation as opposed to those who are impelled towards actions and fulfilling their dreams. Wake up! And determine what you wish to accomplish in your lifetime.

We are bound by multiple obligations that we often compromise our desires to cater to our responsibilities. I have witnessed several individuals that jeopardized their goals owing to obligations. This often influences us to run into a state of despair. Moreover, we begin to feel inferior. All these notions continue to discourage us. Furthermore, we cease to think of the fact that everything happens for a purpose. You can never figure out the direction from which you will rise to success. We just need to have hope in ourselves that we are capable of changing our destiny. Accept the situation and keep moving. The minute you stop, you will be wasting time. We halt and give up and speculate that perhaps this is not the way it is supposed to be. And we keep changing our directions. This only slows down the time for achieving goals. So, whatever thought comes up in your mind just move towards it. It will draw some results. It can be good or bad. But each result will help us improve whether it is positive or negative. So we can step forward and begin upon something rather than just fantasizing about our ambitions. It is better than doing nothing.

This I have come to realize, by changing many perspectives. Now I just wish to keep moving in the path my destiny requires me to be. And I am content with whatever is going on, because accepting things the way they are, is greater than changing ways and forcing yourself in the position that you will only repent. Indeed, it is not what we ever dreamt of. But it will certainly drive us someplace. That is why we need to have perseverance and faith in ourselves that we can transform our destiny. When we start accepting whatever the situation may be, it will be worthwhile in the future as it does not involve consequences.

Accepting things will make you learn to confront every dire situation. We often escape situations or defeat. But experiencing loss, gaining an understanding from it and correcting ourself will merely prepare us to be the human being who is capable of enduring every set of circumstances, be it beneficial or detrimental. This is how you become courageous. You will learn how to encounter problems and get out of it. When I look at individuals, they cannot even take small defeats and give up. Failure will arise at every stage of our lives. We have to acknowledge it. And defy it. Because they simply make you stronger and smarter. Once you have overcome defeat, you have nothing to shun. Hence, you become fiercer and bolder. When you accomplish this stage, no one in the world can hold you from reaching your dreams. People will try to stop you. But since you have already dealt with these conditions, you know how to deal with them. And you conquer those people too. So, to conclude, you will always achieve what you dreamed of but purely by adapting to the circumstances the way they are.

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