When it comes to snacking, the market is convoluted with options. With people becoming more and more dependent and brand-loyal with marketing trends for diet and preference of store and delivery. GoPuff is a convenient delivery service available in nearly one hundred cities. Revolutionizing the on-demand snacking game, goPuff can deliver snacks in less than 30 minutes. Leading a new era of fine affordable chocolates, “Simply Chocolate” makes its splash in an international market.

goPuff is a revolutionary app that was developed to solve the need for twenty-four-seven service and delivery. It has made its name as America’s fastest-growing snack delivery service. With nearly one hundred different cities and nearly three thousand products on the website, it is no wonder it has claimed its fame.

In no more than 3 minutes, a goPuff account can be created and an order placed to service areas from simply going onto their website and browsing through their variety of useful and tasty products. goPuff currently features a selection of over 3000 products from pain relief medication and even cleaning supplies.

Professional sports stars like basketball players, Danny Green and James Harden have also used the service on-the-go between games for their cravings.

The app was developed by twenty-year-old college students, Rafael Illishayev and Yakir Gola. The pair had their business idea while they were business students studying at Drexel University in Philadelphia. They wanted to create a service that helps spend less time going to and from the store and more time for studying and socializing with peers. They spent day and night developing the app and eventually delivering their own goodies around campus in their Plymouth Voyager and needless-to-say, the business expanded.

GoPuff has central warehouse facilities where the goodies are distributed directly from warehouse to consumer. With 24-hour service options seven days a week, in the bigger markets, goPuff is a convenient and easy way to get snacks delivered at any time. Most markets behold noon to 4:30 am time window that makes it ideal for late-night sweet cravings.

Gola commented, “Rafael and I started the business with a small selection of convenience products and, after immediate interest on campus, we realized that the convenience store industry needed to be turned on its head. People no longer considered the convenience store to be convenient, and we felt we had found a way to revolutionize that space.

Half a decade later, the duo has goPuff in 90 markets and nearly 1000 employees. goPuff is unlike any other on-demand delivery service, there are no surge fees and a flat service fee of a humble $1.95. Average delivery takes around thirty minutes to receive to your doorstep.

Studying for an exam at two-in-the-morning or even an on-set delivery for  LaLa Anthony, the star of the “Chi.” GoPuff makes anything accessible in a convenient way and eradicates the need for a third-party-pickup. With goPuff’s “Back to School” tour encouraging students to spend more time studying and with friends than making trips to and from stores for essentials and pick-me-ups. The goPuff app boasts a mascot that is a pufferfish. 

Another snack leader, Simply Chocolate is changing the game for chocolate cravings. Prominent investor, Alshair Fiyaz, Simply Chocolate brings gourmet chocolate to any consumer market. They take pride in their all-natural ingredient bars– such as the Crispy Carrie, Dark Marci, and the Salty Fred.

The Copenhagen based company strives for simplicity. These snacks are changing the game and bringing affordability to gourmet goodies at multiple retailers. The company takes pride in its insane detail in packaging as well as the bold sales copy. One glass packaging has copy that reads “Yes you can buy love,” and even, “For a rainy day.” There is no occasion too small for the delicious chocolate. The bars are sold in gift packs as well as in bite-size packages and even protein bar options. With a price tag of three dollars, it is hard to beat.

On top of being delicious and natural, the packaging is bold and modern. The labels look like the label from a high-end skincare line and come in numerous metallic colors. With chocolate from Simply Chocolate and revolutionary on-demand services like goPuff, the snack dynamics are changing.

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