‘Howdy, Modi!’: PM Modi’s ‘Majama che, sob khub bhalo’ reply to 50,000 Indian Americans


Addressing a crowd of 50,000 cheering Indian Americans, PM Narendra Modi said answer to the primary theme of ‘Howdy Modi’ is “everything is fine in India’. In what followed a thunderous response from a diverse Indian-American crowd, PM Modi answered the question in multiple Indian languages like Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati and sanskrit – to name a few.

Underlining the much talked about diversity of Indian languages and cultures, Modi said: “Howdy Modi? The answer is everything is fine in India.”

He, then went a step ahead, and answered the question in this sequence: “Sab changey si, majama che; ellam saukiyam, sob khub bhalo, saboo bhallachi”, and many more.

Helping the audience unfamiliar with the language, PM Modi said, “My American friends are wondering what I have said. President Trump and my American friends, I am only saying Everything is fine!’ in different languages of India.”

PM Modi said India has different languages, different cultures, different food habits. “This makes our country different, this unity in diversity makes our country unique, and is also our strength.”

“Our vibrant democracy is our foundation, and our inspiration,” PM Modi said.

The address encapsulating India’s uniquely characteristic diversity.

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