How to keep your sofa clean


Sofas are used quite popular in families today. Careful storage makes it easy for your sofa to age quickly and doesn’t keep the couch’s bright colors. However, keeping the sofa is always something that not everyone can do well.

At least once a week to remove dust and dirt from the chairs. You can use a dry towel to clean, do not use a vacuum or a vacuum brush. The strong suction from this tool can disrupt the fabric and, at the same time, break stitches. You can use a small vacuum to clean the dust.

– One year you should use the laundry service sofa of the laundry shop once. Ask them to come home and clean the sofa carefully. Laundry services have a special cleaning agent that can help you get a new set of chairs back. Some silicone sprays have a dust-proof effect, which can be sprayed once a month.

  • Handling new stains in time:

For stains caused by soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, you should quickly wipe them off with a soft, clean, wet cloth soaked in water. Wipe, and then dry with another clean cloth. Note: You should not immerse the entire stain in water, as it will make your chair wet and cause odors.

For stains caused by sticky substances, such as sauces, or chocolate, you should immediately wipe them off with a piece of absorbent paper, soak off the dirty water, then use a clean cloth to soak the soap solution. Dilute and clean gently from the outer into the center of the stain. Immediately dry with another clean, dry cloth. Avoid direct drying in the dryer or in hot light.

  • Handling dry stains:

With dry stains you should use a soft long brush, brush carefully, taking care to avoid rubbing objects directly on the seat surface.

  • Clean the sofa weekly:

Every week you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt on the surface of the sofa. Use a white, soft cloth to soak in a soap solution diluted with water, squeeze dry, and wipe the surface of the sofa.

  • Regular sofa cleaning: (from 3 months to 6 months):

Perhaps you also know the sofa is one of the ideal paradises for parasitic fungi, so washing the sofa periodically does not eliminate stains but also kills parasitic fungi on the sofa.

Note: You should not wash the sofa yourself at home, because washing the sofa at home improperly will make your sofa damaged and lost quickly.

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When you are away from home for a long time or do not use the sofa anymore, now is the time our sofa is attacked by dust, so you should use a white cloth to cover the chair to protect the chair from dust.

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