Be Your Own Fashionista!


Is there anything like a “fashion equation”? Or is fashion something which is custom-woven?

I’m sure that every girl would’ve obsessed over magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Filmfare at some point of time in their lives. I was that kid too. Was truly fascinated about how models and actresses looked on those magazine covers as well as on TV. I always knew that I wasn’t going to be on them, but the love for clothes, bags, shoes and style engulfed me completely as and when I grew up. 

My whole family is crazy about shopping, the same blood runs in my nerves too. Hence, by default I was also obsessed with shopping. Streets or malls, didn’t really bother me. For me, it was about the quality, durability and most importantly how it looked on me which was important rather than the mere piece of brand tag which comes along with the apparel. I had reached a point where I could guess the brand by just looking at the apparel. You see, that’s when monotony hit me. I was 19. I was half as excited as I used to be, while I went for shopping because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, the designs, especially Indian wears, looked all the same. There was barely any uniqueness. Secondly, the whole college would wear the same top which you buy (from a mall). Thirdly, finding the right fit was always a problem. The super annoyed me, decided something. I decided not to buy Kurtis anymore from malls. I decided to design Kurtis on my own and get them stitched by my tailor. I pulled mom to this local store which sold cloth material and fancy laces, bought different materials so I could mix and match and play with colours and patterns. I was extremely electrified about the fact that I could make my piece of cloth, finally the way I wanted it to be, that was the highlight. So this time, the design was self-made, it was truly customised so that college kya, nobody on this earth would wear what I wear, and since it was made for me, the fit was nothing less than ravishing. 

These days, everybody is busy running behind the trending trend. But, guys, hold on! What’s the point in wearing something which looks good on someone else and define someone else’s personality? The Kardashians wear exotic clothes, but are you sure that it really defines who and what YOU are? Just because celebrities wear the nicest of clothes and how the social media goes gaga about their airport looks, red carpet looks, festive looks and such innumerous looks, doesn’t mean that they are creating a “style statement” or a “fashion equation” for you.  There’s no one definite fashion equation. Any equation in which you feel the best, is your fashion equation. People need not create it for you, rather it’s self-spun.

Your style is your own and the best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you! You are what you wear. Nothing is going to look disastrous if you flash on a style with immense grace and confidence because at the end of the day, as Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be YOURSELF”. So, be authentic, be YOU!

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