Tips to remember when you guest post for a website in 2019


The content ( doing a guest post) on any website is a primary indicator of its success. In the present day scenario, a lot of emphasis is laid on the optimization of keywords. Generating a guest post from another source can be a good way to divert some relevant traffic into your website

Few tips to bear in mind while doing a guest post are:

1. Relevant content 

It should be made sure that only relevant content is welcomed. For any kind of guest post on your platform you must make sure that the content is relevant to the kind of traffic you desire. It might appear to be a good idea to bring in a guest post from a popular brand or entity, but eventually only the relevant content can bring in the kind of audience you desire which will help to further grow your brand. 

2. Linking and cross-linking

It is very important to use hyperlinks and crosslink your post your content from other sources. If you have any inspired content or posts, you must credit links of the source of the content inspiration. This can be used to your benefit to redirect your content on multiple platforms. Guest post can be an effective way of creating do-follow back links to get a better reach all across various platforms. 

3.   More viewership

If you are a guest creator on another website, you need to understand that you will not be targeting your regular loyal audience here. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance for the kind of content you will be presenting. When catering to a wider audience, you cannot use references or internal jokes that everyone can’t understand. It is always more advisable to use generic content that can appeal to the wider masses.

4. Topic for a guest post

Another extremely significant choice is that of the topic. When writing for an alien platform you cannot get too deep into a particular niche. You have to start with gauging the vibe of the website or platform that you are going to be writing for. The same holds to be true for inviting someone to curate a guest post. You need to see what they can bring to the table in terms of the content and the kind of audience they can muster.

5. Graphical and visual content

It can be a very good ideas a to include some form of info graphics or graphical content for your post. Any kind of a visual stimulation not only has an increased chance of grasping people’s attention but you can reference the graphical content from different sites in order to further improving back linking. The text on info graphics is statistically approved to be have an increased readability. Any forms of pictures, videos and animations are sure to make your post more engaging and make it stand out in a new space.

These are few tips one can keep in mind while curating a guest post or thinking about inviting someone to do the same. The impact that a refreshing post from a different source can have cannot be emphasized on enough. Level up your game by taking in guest posts and growing your reach.

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