A diagram of a wormhole. Notice the trumpet or lotus-shaped mouths on each end

The addition of the wormhole-shaped ship to the Osiris pillar/Tower of Babel suggested to me that this ladder or stairway to heaven is either some form of ancient particle accelerator for opening wormholes or a scanning device that scanned Seti atom by atom and fed that information through the wormhole with instructions to reconstruct, reconstitute or “re-member” him ala the re-membered Osiris on the other side.

So, when one of these Towers was potentially going up in Babylon Yahweh got nervous. He launched a pre-emptive strike, smashing the Babel Tower/(Star)Gate and separating humankind by language. After cleaning up the debris His scribes changed the meaning of the word ‘babel’ from gate to ‘confusion’, ‘nonsense’. Get it? Humankind make a Name for itself by opening a Gate to God? That’s nonsense! Impossi-babel!

For the last 4,500 years or so we’ve been waiting for another shot at opening the Gate.

I’ll explain why the God Particle might as well be called the Christ Particle (Christ = the universal and life-giving consciousness of the cosmos) and how it fulfills Messianic, and indeed, Mayan prophecy momentarily…

Most of the people know that the Osiris machine was a bible “Covenant of Ark”. In the bible they talked about it. When they activated ark by the great priest Aaron (In Quran “Harun”). Aaron had two sons. And they moved towards the ark. According to the Bible, They was not fit or prepared to activate the ar so that’s why at that time fire was created surprisingly and they were burnt in it. But Myth said that fire was actually two rays of light. It goes directly in their bodies and burns them. It looked like, Someone killed by electric shock. It was said that electricity came out of the ark and it could fly. It was said that the box(ark of the covenant)

was communicating instrument between Human & Deities. It was said about God himself during the great escape.

So what was that, Was a god an extraterrestrial? Or The ark of Covenant was a tool with the help of these Hazrat Moses and Aaron talked or connected with each other or with space shutter (UFO). If Extraterrestrial instructed Hazrat Moses and Akhenaten to take Israelite towards a new faith of one god, then why they do that?

Maybe it could be that ET’s didn’t want to tell us that, Our future generation would know that they had interfered in our development.

Jeruselum (586 BC)

After the death of Akhenaten & Hazrat Moses Great Escape after 750 years. It was believed that the box was kept in strong Security in Solomon’s Temple (Suleman ka Makbara). Later the Babylonian (Babil Arabic name/Harut & Marut) army surrounded the city and had broken the wall of Jerusalem and went inside.

In 586 BC, the Babylonian army destroyed Soloman’s Temple, Then Question Remains that, What happened with the ark of Covenant. There is one story, King Solomon had a son from another Queen Sheba (​al-Malikah Balqis) ​“MENELIK-I” ​A first solomonic Emperor of Ethiopia. He has stolen ark a long time before the attack of Babylon. He brings ark in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, there was a city Aksum, ​where it still resides in the town of Aksum, in the ​St. Mary of Zion cathedral​.


For quite a long time, PEOPLE have attempted futile to find and recuperate the Bible’s most holy items. Among the most looked for after these religious artifacts are the popular Ark of the Covenant.

This incredible curio is the elaborate, plated case constructed around 3,000 years prior by the Israelites to house the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were composed. Scriptural records depict the Ark as substantial, about the span of a nineteenth-century sailor’s chest, made of gold-plated wood, and finished with two vast, brilliant heavenly attendants. It was helped to utilize shafts embedded through rings on its sides.

The Ark has been connected to a few of the Old Testament’s marvels. It was conveyed before the Israelites amid the Exodus and is said to have cleared obstructions and harmful creatures from their way. At the point when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, the Bible says that the waterway quit streaming the minute the Ark-bearers set foot in it.

Also, when the Israelites assaulted Jericho, they bore the Ark the city for seven days, blowing trumpets until, on the seventh day, the dividers tumbled down, permitting simple success.

In any case, in 597 and 586 B.C., the Babylonian Empire vanquished the Israelites, and the Ark, at the time probably put away in the Temple in Jerusalem, evaporated from history. Regardless of whether it was devastated, caught, or hidden– no one knows.

Ethiopian Connection?

One of the most grounded cases about the Ark’s whereabouts is that before the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem, it had discovered its approach to Ethiopia, where regardless it dwells in the town of Aksum, in the St. Mary of Zion house of prayer. Church experts, be that as it may, state just a single man, the watchman of the Ark, is permitted to see it, and they have never allowed it to be contemplated for genuineness.

Another case is that the Ark was covered up in a warren of sections underneath the First Temple in Jerusalem before the Babylonians annihilated it in 586 B.C. Be that as it may, that hypothesis can’t be tried either, on the grounds that the site is home to the Dome of the Rock hallowed place, holy in Islam. Burrowing underneath it essentially isn’t an alternative.

A third case originated from the late Ron Wyatt, a beginner paleontologist who said that in 1982 he found the Ark underneath the slope on which Christ was supposed to have been killed. Blood from the execution, he guaranteed, had dribbled from the cross through a gap in the stone and onto the Ark. Be that as it may, no one has ever observed it again, and Wyatt likewise asserted various other archeological finds that most researchers find questionable.

“Maybe the most well-known journey for the Ark was on the extra large screen. In the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, experience saint Indiana Jones must discover the Ark before the Nazis, who mean to utilize its capacity for global control.

Scans for such scriptural relics are convincing, says prehistorian and National Geographic Society individual Fred Hiebert, at the end of the day bound to disappointment. Regardless of whether there is an antiquated, Ark-like article in Ethiopia, he asks, how would you decide it’s the one from the Bible?

“We are discussing things at the intersection among fantasy and reality,” he said. “I believe it’s incredible to have stories like that of the Ark of the Covenant. Be that as it may, I don’t accept, as a field prehistorian, that we can utilize the logical technique to demonstrate or negate them.”

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