On the eastern end of this place of worship are two tremendous collapsing entryways, shut and darted. Inside it, is one more holy place, shut and fixed bearing the figure of the Royal Necropolis. On this inward hallowed place hangs the funerary pall, studded with gold, and by the proof of the papyrus of Rameses IV, there must be a progression of these holy places inside, covering the remaining parts of the King lying in the stone coffin.

Around the external shade, or place of worship, stand incredible defensive seals of a spiritualist sort finely cut and secured with overlaid, and upon the floor lie seven paddles for the King’s utilization in the waters of the other world.

In the further end of the eastern mass of this sepulchral corridor is one more entryway, open and never shut. It prompts another chamber, the store assembly of the tomb. There toward the end stands an extravagantly and radiantly cut and plated holy place of unbelievable excellence. It is surmounted by levels of uraei and its sides are secured by open-equipped goddesses of the best workmanship, their forlorn countenances turned over their shoulders toward the intruder. This is not exactly the repository for the four canopic containers which ought to contain the viscera (grain, heart, and amp;c.) of the King.

Quickly at the passage to this chamber stands the jackal god Anubis, in dark and gold, upon his place of worship, which again settles upon a versatile sled, peculiar and brilliant. Behind this again is the leader of the bull, symbol of the black market.

Stacked on the south side of the chamber in extraordinary numbers are secret elements and places of worship, all things considered, all shut and fixed, spare one with open entryways in which are brilliant representations of the King remaining upon dark panthers. Also toward the finish of the chamber are a greater amount of these cases, including smaller than normal boxes, fixed, however no uncertainty containing funerary statuettes of the ruler; workers for the dead in the coming scene. On the south side of the god Anubis is a level of superb ivory and wooden boxes of each shape and configuration, studded with gold and trimmed with faience, and close to them one more chariot.

This site is marvelous and its wonderfulness incredible, and as the time was quick crawling on, and sunset was falling, the tomb was shut for further activity and examination.

The previous story is fundamentally rushed and might be liable to revision in subtleties because of future examination. In all actuality, each one of the individuals who was favored to partake in the present unparalleled encounters was and still, are bewildered to the point that it is difficult for any of them to give a successive account. All, in any case, concur in depicting as overpowering the impression delivered by the disclosure of the extraordinary place of worship, or shade, awe-inspiring in it’s blue and gold and nearly filling the whole space of the new chamber.

Book Cosmagen said that:

The grave of Tutankhamun was “shaapit”. Shaapit in the sense a ‘Magical Technology’. This is a weapon of heka (Heka was the deification of magic and medicine in ancient Egypt), and ancient people said that this technology was gifted by other planet people/Extraterrestrial (Pargrahi).

In the book which named as “The book of the Dead” Chapter 151, they Spell fo protecting the dead (Evil spirit). They believed in magic. they believed in the power of the words. the words, for them, makes power, makes protection.

About Akhenaten:

Source: Wikipedia

Akhenaten was an Extraterrestrial Hybrid (1336 BC or 1334 BC he Died according to archaeological survey) (Father of Tutankhamun). He looks weird, When ancient archaeological people found his body, His head skull was bigger than normal people.

He worships the fireball who looks likes a sun named as Aten (the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology, and originally an aspect of the god Ra). Maybe it won’t be Sun. Because the paintings drawn at that time is like

In the mythological script of Egypt called them ​“fireball with wings.” ​but in other religion,

we said that sun or wings with the sun.

Akhenaten is known to have come to the throne when he was sixteen and he ruled for seventeen years. Its means he alive till 34 years.

Sigmund Freud said that “ Theism starts from Akhenaten”, there is someone in the palace of Akhenaten may be his brother ​“Thutmose (1506 BC – 1493 BC)”​, after that he became a history’s great prophet ​“Moses”​.

We can say that Akhenaten’s brother was a Yahudi Masiha Hazrat Moosa/ Musa/ Moses. Whatever he wrote in his book named “The first book of Moses” this all things are related to Thutmose. Thutmose name meaning is ‘​Son of god Thut’.

In the Bible, the period of Hazrat Moses was the same t that time Thutmose was disappeared from the pages of history. Bible also said that Hazrat Moses born and grow as the throne of the prince. We can also say that the Thutmose was a bible character, Hazrat Moses.

After leaving the kingship of Akhenaten, Thutmoses follow the principal of Akhenaten. “There is only one god, but there is no picture of that god”. Thutmoses took the religion of Akhenaten which says that one god with no image and gave it to Israelite.

to be continued

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