Serving People Selflessly- A Complete Guide

When it comes to serving, supporting and helping people selflessly, we really need to understand what our ‘self’ is in the first place. The word ‘I’ is used by us every single day but most of us really don’t understand this ‘I’ in depth. Most people choose to believe that their consciousness is nothing more than their ego. So, let’s first unravel our self in detail and then move on the being selflessly supporting and helpful.

“We are more than what we choose to believe!”

Science tells us that we are made of the mind and the body which isn’t technically incorrect but let’s look at this from another perspective. Considering nothing more than an object in our observational view, we become just an observer to that object and also when we start using that object we become the user of that object. Now, looking at our lives very logically, don’t we use our body and mind every single moment? Doesn’t that make us the user of the mind and the body? The user is inherently different from the object being used which makes us greater than just our mind and body. As much as we observe everything in this Universe, we also observe ourselves too, right? So, this also makes the observer of our self and not just our self.

Nikhil Chandwani

“That which is greater than anything and everything!”

What is it then, which is greater than us? Who are we if not the just the self? To understand this, let’s dive into another example. Imagine a 100 ft tall rock in front of your eyes. If I ask you to touch the rock at any point on its surface, the object that you are touching is never going to change. No matter where you touch the rock you are and always will be touching the rock. Even if you manage to touch the surface of the last electron on the edge of the rock, you will still be touching the rock, right? Similarly, you, yes you, yourself is exactly similar to that electron on the edge of the rock. You are an extremely small part of this divine Universe. Every part of the Universe will always be the Universe. Everyone and everything is the Universe. This is pretty logical and thought-provoking when looked at with detachment from the ego. Just like the universe began from nothing, even we were nothing before our birth.

“Look around and within!”

The Universe has provided us with air, water, land which is a result of perfect distance from the Sun, tilt in the Earth’s axis and many other cosmological factors. Our very own body has provided us with all the necessary biological requirements for survival and also works on making sure that we can experience the Universe through our sensory organs. We are entirely surrounded and made of love. We are loved cosmologically and also biologically. Love is what makes us who we are today. Love is the true nature of our self. Every person or animal craves love but often fails to understand that we ourselves are love. We can never experience anything outside ourselves which means that everything that we feel comes from within us. Love is and always will be inside us, but we allow external factors to be triggers for this feeling of love. We can really start to understand love and ourselves when we deeply connect with the Universe with a feeling of true gratitude for our existence.

“Gratitude is the most beautiful flower in the garden of life!”

Gratitude allows for a better understanding of the situation and people in front of us, as our ego is completely left out of the picture. Our only focus is on being a conductor of selfless love. This is a virtue of our higher self. The farther away we take our ‘self’, from the dark depths of the un-loving side our ego (which is called the lower self); the closer we get our higher self. The higher self is just pure love. It is completely altruistic and selfless. The lower self consists of emotions of hatred, lust, wrath, gluttony, anger, pride, sloth and envy. Observe your actions and try to judge whether the action was taken by your higher self or the lower self. The more you start using the higher self the easier it becomes to live a life filled with purpose, love, service, and peace.

“Service to others is service to you!”

Veer Sawarkar once said, “Calmness in preparation but boldness in execution “. Once the feeling of gratitude is filled within us, it becomes really easy to act selflessly, execute your plans boldly; and after we start looking at life selflessly, we realize where and how we can help, support and guide other beautiful ‘selves’ on this journey of life. Love grows when we share it. When we become selfless in service to others, we become superconductors of love. This feeling of being a source of love is the closest that we can ever get to our true nature of ‘self’ which in itself is love. Thus, selfless love is the key to serve, support and help everyone around us selflessly.

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