Model-turned – entrepreneur Tanner Chidester has special fitness advice for thriving business owners


Being an entrepreneur is highly rewarding and yet, it comes with a price. The long hours, strategic thinking, and managing people puts a constant pressure on those who are at the helm of everything. This can become exhausting and start affecting the mind and body. That is why is it essential for business owners to take care of their own health and wellness, along with taking care of the business and those involved therein. But how does a busy, thriving entrepreneur plan a fitness routine for themselves? The answer lies in seeking inspiration from other entrepreneurs, who not only know about business, but also about wellness. 

Meet Tanner James Chidester. An American model-turned-fitness entrepreneur, who owns and runs Fit Warrior, a fitness program, where he consults people on nutrition and workout regimes. Tanner’s passion for fitness started in his younger days. A socially awkward child, he experienced difficulty dealing with his peers at school. That was when he started to work out every day, so he could face his bullies and stand up to their physical challenges. 

This new-found interest in fitness soon became a passion, and Tanner supported it by experimenting in other sports. He enrolled at the Brigham Young University and played Division 1 Football while studying petroleum engineering. After a field injury, he transferred to Arizona Western College and continued with junior college football. Unfortunately, he sustained another injury and had to give up football. But Tanner found a way to hold onto his passion. While pursuing a Petroleum Engineering Program at the Texas A&M University, he decided to start his own venture and turn his passion for fitness into an entrepreneurial dream. 

Tanner used his knowledge of fitness to consult different individuals and other fitness professionals. In the meantime, he taught himself how to do serious and effective internet marketing and took up odd jobs to raise capital. He modeled for 12 fitness magazine covers and used all his skills to take his business forward. Through his fitness program, he has helped hundreds of clients to get results with weight loss or even run a business. 

Being an entrepreneur himself, Tanner understands the roadblocks most business owners face with respect to their health, as he also struggled with balancing work and personal life. This is why he suggests thriving entrepreneurs follow a few simple tips on a daily basis, without compromising on their work hours or business commitments.

Tanner’s advice for a healthy entrepreneurial journey: 

  • Workout on a daily basis, even if it is for a short time. It helps reboot your mind and ward off fatigue. 
  • Follow a healthy diet and eat on time.
  • Take time off from work or work-related thoughts, even digitally. 
  • Develop a routine and follow it.

Find your own way to manage stress.

From being a door-to-door salesperson to being the owner of a seven-figure fitness business, Tanner Chidester has come a long way. Being both a fitness expert and an entrepreneur gave him an added advantage, which became the highlight of his professional personality. It not only  enabled him to help people with their health, but also shape their businesses and simplify their lives.

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