Mic Check Global’s Darris Robins empowers local artists to adapt to changing times

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It is often remarked that with time and effort, talent finds its way of expression through life. The CEO of Mic Check Global, Darris Robins, is a perfect example of that. Darris is not an exact match with the typical image that the word CEO generates, but his efforts and achievements are remarkable from all aspects. He started Mic Check Global in 2013 to fulfill his vision, and today after five years, the company stands out with its performance.

Darris was passionate about writing and composing music from a very young age, and he often shared his works with his family and friends. In May 2012, he had to drop out of college due to a mounting student loan debt. He was just 19 years old at that point. With the burden of a $100k loan on his shoulders, he was under a lot of pressure and promoting his own music online was his only way to stay afloat. In a year, he gathered enough number of followers that attracted other performers to seek his help regarding marketing their work. He then started as a freelancer for marketing his peers and also created an interview vlog series to help out the local artists in his town.

In November 2013, he started Mic Check Global to help artists, performers, and businesses. He helps them grow in their field of social media and gather sufficient followers in a particular demographic. In 2015 he expanded his business by setting up Mic Check Global Films which deals with visual branding content, specifically for promoting a new product or a service. Helping out hundreds of artists to grow their fan-base, the company progressed in leaps and bounds. In 2018 they opened up their first international branch in the city of Cebu in the Philippines. Today it is considered as the first American/Asian company that is helping out emerging artists to reach out to larger audiences and develop as entrepreneurs.

The company takes full responsibility for marketing activities, allowing every artist to focus on his or her creativity. While helping them to reach out to more audiences and convert them into followers by boosting engagement, it also guides artists with their finances and investments. Today, the company has celebrity clients like Steve Cardenas and Jason Faunt, who were actors in the Power Rangers TV series. The company is also setting itself up to leap higher and looking forward to arranging live shows to help out fresh artists. Darris has also extended his services in the social sphere and is helping out students in Cebu who do not have enough financial support to attend school. His goal is to sponsor 100 students by 2020.

Presently Mic Check Global works in tandem with artists from over ten countries to promote them on a larger scale thereby giving them enough momentum to steer close to their dreams. From starting out as a musician to setting up a successful marketing business to help out musicians, Darris has transformed the fundamentals of social media-based marketing for upcoming artists. As he moves ahead with his ideas, we will surely witness Mic Check Global occupying a larger platform in the coming years.

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