Marshal Lion Group will tokenize non-bank lending market

Marshal Lion Group will allow to invest into products in a dedicated platform, which are based on actual non-bank loans granted to companies and individual clients. The Marshal Lion team’s project will enable both large-format and smaller investors to obtain direct and potentially exceptionally profitable access to the industry. A whole pool of tokens with the total value of 30 000 000 USD will allow granting loans to clients of the company.

«Marshal Lion has been operating in this field successfully for years and has granted more than 3 thousand loans. Moreover, a lot of companies announcing IEOs are young  companies at the outset of their operations. Marshal Lion is a leader with a strong position in its sector» – the Marshal Lion team states.

About Marshal Lion Group

Marshal Lion with its registered seat in Warsaw holds extensive experience and understanding of the Polish non-bank lending market. The company offers an innovative and visionary solution for financing and participation in the profits generated from this sector.

The token offered by Marshal Lion will constitute an attractive asset to supplement the portfolio of every investor who know the principles of diversification and is looking for a stable instrument from the non-bank loans sector that was previously difficult to access.

A dedicated platform will allow tokens to be used as a tool for investing into the products offered:

● PRIVATE SECTOR LOANS (higher liquidity, higher return rates; loans are granted for 1 month or for up to 6 months; B2B model)

● PUBLIC SECTOR LOANS (different return rates, with guaranteed loan repayment; loans are granted for between 3 and 6 months; B2B model)

● HYBRID LOANS (higher return rates than those for the public sector, ensure liquidity as seen in the private sector; guarantees high profits with a low risk; loans are granted for between 1 and 6 months; B2B model)

The entire token sales process will be carried out using the so-called smart contracts, which may be used to ensure fully decentralized financial verification of the project for each potential investor. Smart contracts contain instructions for the token, with the purpose to carry out clearly defined tasks. These are purchase of the token, transfer of its ownership, transfer of the token fee to the company for pre-determined investment purposes and then finalization of the process, ending the investment period and participation in the profit.

The practical course of the process will be as follows: as part of the IEO, Marshal Lion will offer investors the opportunity to buy its proprietary utility tokens designed to support the functionality of the Marshal Lion platform. Creation of this platform and the supply of tools to operate it are the actual issue target for the company. It will only be available for investors who hold tokens. There is no obligation of the token owner to become a user of the platform. Once the platform is created, Marshal Lion will introduce products based on non-bank loans with various maturity dates. Investors will have the opportunity to take part by spending their token for a particular product available on the platform. Products based on loans will have various maturity dates and interest rates. As of the maturity date of the particular product, any profit achieved will be settled, allocating 50% for the investors (depending on the number of tokens invested against the total pool for the particular product) and 50% for Marshal Lion.

Token allocation

The platform (MVP) will be available from 10th September 2019.

Marshal Lion will issue 120 000 000 MLGC tokens at 0,25 USD each, with a total value of 30 000 000 USD, it is possible to buy any number of tokens, from a single token up to the entire pool. The minimum purpose of the fees will be 20 000 000 million tokens, and the maximum — 120 000 000 million tokens.

All tokens issued will be divided according to the following scheme:

● Sales 83.75%

● Advisors 5%

● Airdrop 1.25%

● Team 10%.

Pre-sale is open now!

Join us and become part of the first loan market tokenizing project in the world.

If you use your MLGC token during PRE SALE, you will be entitled to 30% discount, which will reduce the price to USD 0.18!


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