Man eats pizza everyday for 37 years!

Food for thought


The man hogs.

We all have dreams, right? Growing up we want to be our favourite superhero or basketballer. Some of us want to travel the world, but us…well it’s safe to say we’ve found the dream life. It comes in the form of a 42 year old man from New Jersey.

What makes this guy so special? Well, for 37 years, this guy (or superhero) has ate pizza every single day!

Take a moment to let that sink in. EVERYDAY! 

We’ve done some maths – that’s 13,505 times pizza has been the choice for 42 year old Mike Roman.

Where did this amazing habit begin? 

Roman said the eating habit began in his early years, when he was just 4 years old. 

In an interview, Roman mentions that he just simply didn’t like any other foods growing up. In fact, he claims he ate pizza for BOTH lunch and dinner for a whopping 30 years. This means, our math earlier is way off! Roman has ate much more! 

Now, however, he’s tamed down his love for pizza. He has switched up his lunch variations and just eats the one pizza meal a day, for dinner. 

Seems like he’s really toned it down, huh?

Is it healthy?

Well, of course we believe pizza to be the healthiest meal out there! But, let’s add some science. Recently, The Washington Post, named pizza as technically more vegetable than anything else. This is due to the tomato base being just as nutritious as a cup of vegetables. 

With this being said, it seems like Roman’s lifelong meal plan isn’t as bad as many would think. 

So, what pizza does he like? 

This will probably come as a surprise to you. A man who eats pizza everyday for 37 years, you’d think he would have some crazy topping preferences, right? 

Well, sadly that’s wrong. 

Roman sees himself as a purist, sticking with nothing but cheese on top of his pizza. No mushroom, no pepperoni, just simply cheese and tomato based. 

You’d be forgiven to think Roman would get sick of eating pizza everyday, but nope.

“Every day I’m just as fascinated as the day before. 

Roman, who is an elementary school teacher, said he has lived in the same town, listened to the same music, watched the same movies and TV, and eaten the same food his whole life because he likes routine.

He actually doesn’t even consider it weird, either. 

And to be quite frank, Mr. Mike Roman, neither do we sir, neither do we. 

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