I saw four wheels one wheel beside each cherub in appearance they were like sparkling topaz and all four were alike like a wheel within a wheel they moved in any four direction never swerving from their course Ezequiel ten based on the biblical description of the strange flying device in the 1960s NASA engineer josef blumrich constructed this model is this what Ezekiel saw I don’t know what Ezekiel saw if you saw anything one possibility was dreaming another possibility hid some hallucinogenic mushroom or something of that sort another possibility is that he met another tribe that might have had torches and and masks that were very frightening to him and he just saw something otherworldly that he couldn’t explain it so he made up this story that explained it as best as he could with the terms that he understood in his time.

Despite the ambiguity of biblical accounts other records from prehistory have intensified the debate some could be interpreted to suggest that UFOs and extraterrestrials have influenced pivotal events in human history and artifacts discovered throughout the Near East speak of a time when humanity’s ancestors came to Earth from the heavens hundreds of clay tablets and cylinder seals depict human-like beings with wings linking them with the sky and always conspicuous the Stars.

If you look at the ancient history of the Near East and consider the Sumerians and Babylonians you’ll find that these peoples believed that their civilization was given to them by beings who came down from the heavens there’s nothing in the historical record that is really conclusive there are some intriguing stories in the records of Babylon for example but the human mind is so easily able to invent myths & fantasies that we have to take these ancient stories with a grain of salt yet archeologists have often pondered on the exact process which led to civilization as we know it for it was with the suddenness of a sunrise that human ingenuity and engineering skills arose from the Stone Age and burst forth onto the landscape of history the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid at Giza are two of the greatest enigmas of all time the exact dates of their construction are still cause for debate how these ancient people develop the technology to build the Great Pyramid with a discipline and precision still unmatched today is unknown the Great Pyramid of Egypt stands more than 450 feet tall it weighs more than six million tons and it has a footprint in excess of 13 acres it’s perfectly aligned to true north south east and west to achieve that precision of alignment with a monument on this scale is an extraordinary technological feat and one that is continuously overlooked by our scholars today suddenly out of nowhere this extraordinary monument a high-tech achievement by any standards just appears on on the desert this is a great mystery totally unexplained by conventional history and one that requires us to use our minds and our imagination and intelligence to try to work out what on earth is going on here and what it says about the origins of human civilization of the origins of our society and our view of the past and where we came from my sense is that we’re missing a huge part of the human story I think it’s possible indeed probable that we are a species with amnesia that we’ve lost the record of our story going back thousands of years before so-called history began and I think if we could go back into that dark epoch we would discover many astounding things about ourselves.

Egypt and the Near East are not the only regions where ancient ruins taunt the mind with the riddle of how they came into being there are many such places this is one of them the great ceremonial center known as Tiahuanaco in Bolivia not as old or as imposing as the pyramids of Egypt what makes this site so unusual is its unique location some believe that it too could not have been built without intervention from a superior source the biggest blocks at Giza weigh 200 tons the biggest blocks of Tiahuanaco weigh 400 tons 400 ton blocks of stone used to create enormous constructions twelve and a half thousand feet above sea level in an area where it’s almost not possible to grow any food today the altitude is so high that the crops come out of the ground stunted and yet again we’re asked to believe that this was done with massive labor forces hauling on ropes pulling these blocks along it defies belief to imagine that this was how it was done they they you could not support ever a large labor force at that altitude whether we like it or not we’re looking at the evidence of a technology and one that we don’t understand like the Giza site the site of Tiahuanaco also incorporates extremely precise astronomical alignments.

Perhaps the most perplexing sight of all in South America are the Nazca lines in Peru covering more than 200 square miles of the wildering pattern of gigantic artwork litters the Nazca plateau in addition to figures of birds spiders and animals arrows straight lines stretch out to every point of the compass believed to have been laid down here more than 2,000 years ago they are observable only from a great height is this a canvass of signs and symbols etched in the sand to honor pagan gods or as some people believe do they contain hidden messages aimed at ancien travelers from the stars.

These are very remarkable sculptures made by essentially moving pebbles so as to change the color tone of the desert surface it appears that many of these patterns of lines seem as though they’re oriented towards the heavens in some way we really don’t know what they were for or what the are how they were interpreted by the people who made them I think that this may be one explanation that the nazcans were projecting these into the sky and using them for religious and ceremonial purposes but the Nazca lines really do constitute a mystery no one really knows what they were for like so much of the ancient world nazca brood silently its secrets lost in time.

Asia ageless land of a thousand legends it is also a continent of intriguing riddles during the 1920s while exploring northern China famous Russian artist Nicolas Rarick wrote of a remarkable incident in the Himalayas on August 5th Yury not capped and at about half-past nine some of our caravanners noticed a huge shining oval shape flying high overhead it came from the North had great speed crossing our camp before disappearing into the clear blue sky it had a bright luminous surface brilliantly the Sun Nicholas rally travel diary 1936 in the long history of this vast and beautiful continent it seems that the UFO phenomenon has shaped many myths and stories handed down from generation to generation a brief glance at the texts of ancient India is revealing for here too we find the haunting presence of strange phenomena observed in the sky gercke flying a swift and powerful vimana pulled a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe and you can Desson column of smoke and flame as bright as ten thousand suns rose with all its splendour the Mahabharata compiled some two to three thousand years ago the Mahabharata is a Hindu poem written in Sanskrit ten times longer than Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey combined it is a saga of conflict on a cosmic scale the plot of the Mahabharata which is the great epic of ancient India has to do with an invasion of the earth by negative extraterrestrial forces basically the idea was that governments of the earth were taken over by beings coming from other planets who had the desire to control and exploit the situation for their own personal benefit the story goes on to describe how godly forces intervened and finally there was a great battle here on the earth in which the issue was resolved and the negative forces were repelled.

Another epic poem the Ramayana was written more than 2,000 years ago it too tells of conflict and conflagration in India’s distant past the vimana was a weapon so powerful that it could destroy the earth in an instant it made a great soaring sound in smoke and flames and on it sits death Ramana prominently featured and all these stories are strange flying devices referred to as Vimanas could they have been UFOs the vimana is described in some detail and its flight pattern is also described it’s quite interesting because it is very similar to the pattern of flight which is described in the context of modern UFO sightings for example the vimana would move in a very abrupt zigzag fashion it would sometimes disappear from sight.

The earth shook scorched by the terrible violent heat of this weapon elephants burst into flame and ran to and fro in frenzy over a vast area other animals crumpled to the ground and died from all directions the arrows of plain rain continuously and fiercely from the Vimanas the Mahabharata they were described as flying fortresses that were used for aerial battles they also attacked people on the ground they were they were sent out missiles according to these translations interpretations sort of like a modern UFO report except the war was taking place could great aerial battles have been possible more than 2,000 years ago compelling though the stories may be the debate continues over whether they were fact or fantasy I think the ancient Hindu descriptions of flying machines are probably fantasies sort of like the Buck Rogers myths of flying rocket ships long before they really existed the easy way ou it’s mythology old science fiction if you will the realistic way is to say that those people were describing things that they didn’t understand but that were real what we need is an open-minded effort to look at these things from the viewpoint of modern technology possibly admitting that even we can’t do some of the things that are described you while many believe that the earth has been visited by extraterrestrials in their spacecraft could this indeed be possible reports of strange unidentified flying objects have continued to trickle in throughout the centuries echoing incidents in ancient times by the 1940s the term flying saucer had entered the vocabulary of a fascinated world suddenly seemingly everywhere the skies were filled with UFOs of every description in the ensuing decades UFOs were witnessed by people from all levels of society even astronauts saw them I personally believe in UFOs and I believed in UFOs before I got into the space program I just I just personally believe that there are other civilizations somewhere out there and that people are traveling from lives in the early 1950s went on flying fighters in Germany and these objects were coming over our base that appeared to be the same kind of formations that we fly in our fighters on occasion their movements were more erratic than ours which meant they could really accelerate laterally and accelerate four and a half more rather than we do but we felt that they look very much like high flying fighters except they had no wings they were certainly higher and faster than any airplanes we know of here on earth that particular time and they certainly appeared to be saucer shape and metallic why are UFO’s so seemingly secretive and elusive if extraterrestrials are visiting the earth some believe that this question only can be answered by direct face-to-face contact with them.

In 1977 NASA sent two robotic Voyager spacecraft on an ambitious exploratory tour to Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune the four giant outer planets their epic journey took 12 years to complete but they acquired more scientific data about our solar system than had been learned in the previous five centuries could this be the UFOs mission to Planet Earth to explore our world on behalf of another technologically advanced civilization somewhere in the far-flung reaches of the cosmos while we now know that the chances of finding intelligent life in our solar system are extremely unlikely our Sun is but one of billions in our galaxy and the galaxy itself is but one of countless galaxies spread throughout the universe with these odds can we be alone in August 1996 scientists announced that life might have once existed on Mars just a few months earlier the first planet orbiting another Sun was confirmed though eight light years or a staggering 50 trillion miles from Earth on the cosmic scale that is literally just down the road from our own backyard today we know a lot about the universe and we know there really is a possibility that there could be life out there but most of what you hear about it is nonsense because people accept the most bizarre stories without proof and there are many stories from all over the world of people seeing strange lights in the sky some of them are true there are strange lights in the sky but they usually have an explanation there are all kinds of things going on around us and the average person doesn’t know about this and they see something weird and they say wow it must be extraterrestrial so there’s a tremendous amount of gullibility all over the world we live on a planet revolving around a star in the middle of an unknown infinity of space isn’t it arrogant and stupid to imagine that we’re the only life in this enormous universe if you take our ancient texts seriously they all tell us that the universe was created as a home for life that the universe is full of life.

I think it’s obvious that there are many other intelligent life forms in the universe and I don’t dismiss for a moment the possibility that they have visited earth perhaps in the past perhaps even now.

Every day the world seems to be getting smaller it’s time to get closer by exploring the lives of the cultures and the histories that made the world what it is today it’s time to globalize yourself.

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